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Blog . Interning at Anthropologie


Interning at Anthropologie

09/16/14  |  Posted by CIA Student  |  Posted in Career Center

Kim Menapace


Internship location:
Anthropologie, Wayne, PA

How you found out about the internship:
I was applying for a sales associates position when the manager interviewing me saw I was an art student. She told me about the visual display internship and told me I should apply. She thought I would be a perfect fit.

What you did:
I was the visual display intern, which meant I assisted the visual team design and made the window and floor displays. When I began my internship the store was in the middle of creating their Summer II window displays: “caught amid a summer field.” I helped them complete the final details of the windows and then we began installing the fall display. I was primarily involved in the installation of Field and Stable, (the dining wear section of the store) and Primrose, (the kitchen wear section). I was also involved in parts of the front of the store display, Mollie. My big finale was in Primrose. I was allowed to design and paint a rug to be displayed under the couch that held three pillows I had made and painted as well.

What you learned:
I learned so much from this internship that I am hoping will benefit my studio work. It definitely taught me urgency in completing projects, and this urgency made me look at painting in a very different light. I was able to modify the way I paint to get good results while working much faster than I was accustomed to. It also taught me humility as to how I worked, since I was the newest and least experienced on the team, and I had to earn the more dificult and exciting projects. This internship opened my eyes to the career possibilities for fine art majors after graduation outside of the “fine art world.”

What surprised you:
Initially I was afraid that this internship would be very design oriented but it had a huge fine art aspect to it. Anthropologie is unique in the way it approaches store design and window displays. I was surprised by the number of painting majors on the team.

How CIA prepared you to get the most out of your internship:
I remember my boss, Lyla, making a comment about how I had the best “sense of urgency” of any intern she had worked with. This sense of urgency definitely comes from the high expectations set at CIA for high quality work made in the time frame dictated for each assignment. There were also many technical skills I obtained from my major at CIA that helped prepare me for this internship.

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