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Pinnacle Studio

09/06/12  |  Posted by Maria Rouzzo  |  Posted in Digital Canvas - Apps & Accessories

Pinnacle Studio       Pinnacle Studio (previously "Avid Studio") is a swift, comprehensive video editing application available free for a limited time in iTunes. Users have the ability to import Audio, Video, and Images directly from their iPad, or record this media within the application. Precision editing, montages, and transitions are only a few of the amazing tools Pinnacle offers. Continue reading below for an in-depth view of Pinnacle's features. [youtube]   Creating a New Project: To create a new project file, tap either the "+" icon in the top horizontal menu, or any of the empty slots in the central filmstrip on the home page. **Help: For instant access to the full user guide when editing, return to the home screen by tapping the "home" icon in the top left corner of the screen. Once you have returned to the home screen, tap the "?" icon in the top right corner (see image below).                         Importing Media:

  • To import Video clips, tap on the filmstrip icon (underneath the home icon).  Tap and drag your clip into the Storyboard section at the bottom of the screen.
  • To import still Photos, tap the photo icon (underneath the video icon mentioned above) and tap and drag desired photos into your Storyboard section.
You can take pictures and record video directly within the Pinnacle app by tapping the red dot to the far left of the screen, the last icon in the main menu. Take your photo/video and tap 'use' if you are pleased with this new content - it should now appear within your Camera/Video roll, and can be accessed in the method listed above.
  • To import Audio, tap on the music note icon. You can include up to three audio tracks in your video from your iPad's music library (in addition to the audio already present in your video clips. These are visible in the second timeline directly underneath the storyboard, beneath respective video clips. Tap this audio twice to adjust volume and fade settings.) Tap and drag desired tracks into the third timeline section at the bottom of the screen - there will be a music note icon on the far left. Edit an audio clip by tapping it twice: change the volume, audio fade in/out, or delete.
You can also record sound directly within the Pinnacle app using Voiceover - tap on the small microphone icon underneath the preview window. A small arrow will appear at the bottom of the screen - click on the red button to start/stop recording your sound. Hit the play button to preview what you recorded - if you like what you hear, tap "Keep" and drag and drop this additional audio clip on your audio timeline. By layering pre-existing/newly recorded audio tracks and adjusting their respective volumes, one can create an interesting layered effect within their video.                       Precision Editing: To edit a piece of media on any of your timelines, tap once to highlight, or tap twice for editing options such as trim and fit.  To delete a piece of media, tap once to highlight, then tap the trashcan icon underneath the preview window.  Undo/Redo any action by tapping the forward and backward arrow icons to the far right, underneath the preview screen. View your piece fullscreen by tapping the left icon in the top right corner of your screen. To export your project, hit the right icon in the top right corner of your screen (details on exporting below). Any type of media you insert into your Storyboard or Audio Timelines can be adjusted in length by tapping and dragging the orange beginning and end points of a highlighted clip. To slice a clip, use the Precision Editor - the small razor icon next to the Voiceover icon. Place your orange time marker in a section of video/audio you wish to split - then tap the razor icon, choose the video or audio track you want to split, and the Precision editor will divide your media track into separate pieces. This is particularly useful when a large chunk of video is imported onto the storyline - it eases the process of deleting unwanted sections of a clip and moving video/audio around.                       Transitions, Montage, and Titles:
  • Transitions: (Tap the lightning bolt icon)There are a total of sixteen available transitions, including Basic, Pushes, and Slides - preview each by tapping on it once. Simply drag your desired transition between two clips in your "Storyboard" section. You can adjust the length of a transition by tapping and dragging the orange beginning and end points within the Storyboard, the same as adjusting the length of your video clips.
  • Montage: (Tap the polaroid pictures icon) You can include an photo montage within your movie - this only works with still images. Preview each montage effect by tapping on it once ; choose between Aerodynamic, Extreme, Instant Photo, Multilayer Mix, Neon, and Tribute options. Once you have chosen your desired montage, tap and drag it onto your storyboard. Next, go to your photo gallery and drag photos you wish to include into the montage you placed on your storyboard. You will then have a choice  of numbered slots to place your photos into. If you choose a montage effect that includes text, simply play the section on your timeline with the montage, pause the clip, and tap on the "Your Text Here" line. A window will appear in which you can change the font, size, fit, and color of any text you want to include.You can adjust the length of a montage by tapping and dragging the orange beginning and end points within the Storyboard.
  • Titles: (Tap the "T" icon) There are a variety of Motion and Standard titles you can place within your storyboard. Preview each by tapping once, insert by tapping and dragging your desired title onto your storyboard. To customize the text, play the section on your timeline with the title effect, pause the clip, and tap on "Your Text Here." Type in your text, and tap and drag to place your title anywhere within the preview screen - minimize or enlarge this text by tapping on two opposite  corners of the orange box around the text and dragging. You can adjust the length of a title by tapping and dragging the orange beginning and end points within the Storyboard.
                      ***Once you have finished editing your video, it is extremely important to render your footage.***  This allows for a smooth and precise final copy of your piece. To render, tap the gears icon underneath the Preview window (next to the undo and redo icons). Depending on the length of your video, Pinnacle may take longer to render all of your footage, transitions, and titles. Sharing Your Project: Once you have finished rendering your footage, Pinnacle Studio allows you to share your finalized project to Box, Youtube, Facebook, and your Email by simply tapping to login to each social media outlet. You can also save a Video File in your iPad's Video galleries by choosing a render size and exporting. The final option for sharing is through Pinnacle Studio for PC: "This will export your project and all its media to a single file that can be imported into Pinnacle Studio for the PC," a PC program available for purchase (but there's also a free 30 day trial) at                       Pinnacle Studio in iTunes- FREE for a limited time!

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