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04/09/12  |  Posted by Maria Rouzzo  |  Posted in Digital Canvas - Apps & Accessories

iMovie Available for $4.99 in iTunes, iMovie is a user-friendly video editing application perfect for creating stunning HD movies on the go. Simply tap to add photos, videos, and sound from your Camera Roll, music library, or the iMovie soundtrack and sound effects gallery. Create movie trailers by customizing one of the nine trailer templates and edit studio logos, cast lists, and credits. Enhance your movie with one of eight developed and interchangeable themes, each with its own unique title sequence, transitions, and soundtrack. When editing, pinch and drag to pan and zoom, drag to shorten clips, apply automatic face-aware Key Burns, or record narration directly onto your video timeline. Finalize your creation by publishing your movie directly to your Camera Roll, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or CNN iReport. Basic Editing: To begin a new movie, tap the '+' key on the iMovie home screen and select "New Project." Choose any clip from your Camera Roll on the left of the screen and tap once to highlight and again to import onto your timeline. Under the gallery of clips there are three icons - the first is your Videos, the second is your Photos, and the third music from your iTunes, sound effects, and theme music. Choose media from any of these three options in the same manner by tapping twice to insert into the timeline. Once your media is inserted, you can click on the sound wave icon to the bottom right of your clip gallery to view the audio timeline below your clips. By tapping twice on a clip you can delete it, adjust its volume, location, and Title Style settings: You can play your movie by hitting the Play icon in the center of the video player, and record audio and video directly onto your timeline by tapping the following microphone and video camera icons. In the top right corner there are two icons - Undo and Project Settings. By tapping the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen you can edit your Project Settings. First, you can choose a Modern, Bright, Playful, Neon, Travel, Simple, News, or CNN Report theme. These impact the theme music and style of text slides you add. Finally, you can adjust theme music, looping of background music, and beginning and ending transition fades: When you are satisfied with your movie simply tap on the star icon (directly to the right of "Video" pictured above) to return to the home screen. Share your finished movie by tapping the third icon to share to your Camera Roll, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, or iTunes. Movie Trailers: To create a movie trailer, tap the '+' key on the iMovie home screen and select "New Trailer." You will then be directed to a theatre screen where you can watch examples of the nine customizable trailer templates.The nine templates include:

  • Bollywood: A colorful array of animated lights and patterns swirl in between clips to a fast-paced Indian theme song.
  • Expedition: Dramatic drum beats and a full orchestra intensify with misty brown transition slides for a truly climactic trailer.
  • Fairy Tale: A storybook opens and pages flip and sparkle with your text slides while a joyous orchestra plays along.
  • Narrative: A mysterious and subtly increasing orchestral theme song plays with simple black slides, including the option to create humorous critic quotes and film awards.
  • Retro: Cleverly animated geometric blocks and dots surround your text to a jazzy Pink Panther-esque theme song.
  • Romance: Various sunsets and clouds move behind transition text, romantic violins play, and a shooting star adds the perfect final touch when your title is finally revealed.
  • Scary: Creepy sound effects and a dramatic background song plays to grungy slides with randomly flashing text.
  • Superhero: An action-packed orchestra plays as comic book red text slides flash by. Action bubbles like "POW" appear and character introductions play and freeze clips.
  • Swashbuckler: Animated maps play behind text slides with a theme song similar to what you would expect to play in a Pirates of the Caribbean trailer.

Once you have chosen your template, you will have the option to edit the "Outline" of your film: Name your trailer, then change the studio name and choose one of five styles of logos shown below to play briefly before the full movie begins. Add names for the credits that will play at the end of your trailer. Then tap on the "Storyboard" tab to import videos from your Camera Roll into specific slots. Drag your finger along clips in your library to find segments you wish to assign, and once they appear on the timeline you can tap twice for a larger view for precision editing. Different types of camera angles are suggested in various slots, and the names of the transition titles can be changed by tapping on the preexisting titles. Tap the left play button underneath the video screen to view your progress full screen, and the right play button to view it on the small video player shown above your library of clips. When you are finished editing tap the home icon (next to the question mark), and with your trailer highlighted tap the third icon to share your trailer online or send it to your Camera Roll. Logo Styles: Colored Bars Dandelion Galaxy Street Lamp Trees

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