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Blog . Toddler Tech: iPads turned into Toys


Toddler Tech: iPads turned into Toys

02/07/12  |  Posted by Keri Svoboda  |  Posted in Digital Canvas - Apps & Accessories

The iPad is moving into your children's toy boxes. From stuffed animals to toy cars, your iPad could become a toy, truly, for the whole family. Let's start at infancy. Without add on toys, parents (or big brothers and sisters) can read to their babies to stimulate brain activity at a young age. Children, before they can talk, can learn how to use an iPad to have their favorite bedtime stories read to them from applications like Moglue, The Longest Noodle, Alice in Wonderland, ibooks, Nook, and so much more. Apps like this are: Voice Toddler Cards-the Talking Flashcards, iTot Cards, Baby Sign, and Learn to Talk. A word to the wise when letting your baby getting use to iPad interface: allow your children to also read normal books. Otherwise, your children might forget how to use their fingers to move objects, like the baby in this next video. A Magazine is a Broken iPad Another Example of Reading Development Aside from reading books and magazines on the iPad, you can also download things like rattles to encourage strong muscle building. Or even encourage your baby to get into the music business. Baby's Magic Hands is an example of this creative play. Crayola Color Studio Better yet, remove the need to buy crayons and markers (and the cleaning supplies that comes with them) and buy an iMarker from Crayola. This package comes with the app (which is free anyways). And supplies kids with coloring books on the iPad that they can color with realistic textures like markers, crayons, and colored pencils. For the cheap price of $30 online, you can bet that this is the cleaner, more accessible coloring market for kids. Totoya Creatures Moving onto toddler ages, we see something brought to you by Totoya Creatures. Yes, Totoya Creature (not Toyota) is a company that has transformed the iPad into a toy, but it's not the wonderful reaction toy of the 90's like the furby. No, the toys of the 90's do not come close to modern technology, obviously. But that doesn't mean that the iPad sacrificed soft, plushy toys for the sake of interactivity. In fact, Totoya Creatures has managed to do both. Totoya Creatures from CarnationGroup on Vimeo. I personally like the YetYet, and I almost want to pay the money to turn my iPad into a stuffed animal. However, these are some of the more expensive, glorified, covers that you will buy. But ranged around $80, who can beat the cuteness of a stuffed iPad cover? The application itself is free, so if you don't like the plushy skins that they offer, you could always encourage your favorite seamstress to make you a special skin. What is cute about this is that it's a truly interactive toy. Each toy has a slightly different personality and things you can do with it. Not only that, but Totoya Creatures plans to expand their characters soon, outside of their 2 stuffed models: YetYet and Robotto. Disney's AppMATes But no 4-year old boy wants to be caught with a stuffed animal (or at least my baby brother didn't). My brother would love the AppMATes by Disney. Being the biggest Lightning McQueen fan out there, I'm sure my brother would beg me or my mom to get him an iPad with the $20 Disney Cars toy pack for his birthday if he knew. Lucky for me, my little brother has not found the DCI site, so I don't have to be lending out my iPad to him anytime soon. However, using actual toy cars the same way my generation used Hot Wheels is ingenious. Great job Disney! You created yet another product and game that children can enjoy. I played this app without the toy, and found it pretty cool. I quickly found myself (a 3rd year in college) a little distracted by how awesome this little game was (I was supposed to be working a little harder). An especially cool feature was the accuracy of the game to the movie. Often times, in video games created after movies, the video game is sub-standard and poorly put together. But I feel like I'm actually in Radiator Springs with my Disney Cars buddies! Did I mention that there's speed control based on where you are on the screen? Great job iPad! You are turning the iPad into a family utility instead of just a business tool. And special thanks goes to Totoya Creatures and Disney for developing the toys to match the tool. This is an article that has a great point and covers a lot of what you see here: Why the iPad is the 'Children's Toy of the Year'

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