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Admissions . Tuition + Fees . Paying your bill - Fall 

Paying your bill

Preparing for Fall 2024

If you have a remaining balance after accepting your financial aid offer, there are a number of ways to pay your balance.

There are three important dates to keep in mind before starting classes on August 21, 2024:

June 6, 2024
July 15, 2024
August 15, 2024

Fall billing statements posted to

Tuition payment arrangements due in order to begin Fall classes. $350 late payment fee assessed. Final deadline to have made payment arrangements for Fall classes. Students dropped from classes for non-payment, and will not be allowed to move-in to residence halls.

Financial requirements

In order to begin classes on Wednesday, August 21 or to move into the residence halls on August 16, one of the three options below need to be in place, regarding your spring balance:

Finding your billing statement

  • Students can visit myCIA to view their statement for the upcoming semester.
  • Parents can visit the "My Students" link in the Parent Portal of myCIA.

Transact payment plan

A payment plan is an interest-free option that makes paying your remaining expenses manageable by dividing them into monthly payments. You can use a payment plan on its own, or combine it with financial aid, scholarships, and loans.

Through Transact, a third-party authorized vendor, you can set-up a monthly payment plan. This allows you to pay for the balance in monthly installments as opposed to one full payment each semester. The monthly payment plan divides your billing statement balance into more manageable payments, letting you to pay as you go. This is not a loan and there are no interest fees.

Fall payment plans wrap-up in December, so the earlier you sign up, the more months your payments are spread out. Sign up on or before July 4 for the 6-month payment plan.

There is a $50 fee per semester. Your first payment is due when you enroll.

Adjusting your balance due

Waive CWRU Medical Insurance
If the student has medical insurance that will cover them while on campus in Cleveland, you can waive CWRU medical insurance. The last day to waive CWRU medical insurance is Friday, August 30.

Parking permits
Commuter students wishing to purchase a parking permit can complete the parking request form.

Meal plans
If you wish to add or change your meal plan, complete the meal plan request form. The last day to make a change to a meal plan is Friday, August 30.