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Tuition Exchange Program

Guidelines for Tuition Exchange Recipients (Imports) Attending the Cleveland
Institute of Art

The following information explains the Tuition Exchange Program at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Policies are subject to change without notice.

Eligibility: The Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) offers the Tuition Exchange benefit to eligible family members of employees from Tuition Exchange member colleges. Eligibility is determined by the home institution of the employee receiving the benefit. This benefit is only available for full-time undergraduate study in one of the majors offered within the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (

Application and Deadline: Students will not be considered for the Tuition Exchange benefit until they have been admitted for study at CIA for the coming year. Applications for admission should be completed by March 1 for full consideration.

The “Scholarship Certification and Application” form must also be received at CIA from the home college of the employee by March 1 to be considered. Students awarded under the Tuition Exchange program for study at CIA must notify the Institute by May 1 of the calendar year in which they intend to enroll by returning the accompanying form to the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer (see below).

Benefit and Costs: The Tuition Exchange benefit is capped at $42,000 in academic year 2024-25.                               

Tuition Exchange recipients must file the FAFSA ( each year. Tuition Exchange recipients cannot receive other CIA merit-based aid restricted to tuition (CIA merit scholarships, private scholarships, etc.). State, federal and other non-CIA funded sources not restricted to tuition can be used for other education expenses (i.e. fees, room, board, etc.). The balance of the cost of attendance is the student’s responsibility and may be offset by any external scholarships, grants, loans, etc. that the student may receive. 

If a Tuition Exchange recipient has to withdraw prior to completing 60% of the term, the amount of Tuition Exchange will be prorated based on the percentage of the term completed. Should a balance be owed after the prorated Tuition Exchange amount is applied to the semester charges, the balance must be paid in full.

Each Tuition Exchange recipient can accept her/his tuition exchange and other Financial Aid awards using our online portal at

Renewal: The Tuition Exchange benefit is available for a maximum of eight continuous semesters of full-time study. Tuition Exchange recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Tuition Exchange students must be reviewed and recertified annually and must initiate this process with the employee’s home college each January. The Tuition Exchange Program Liaison at the employee’s home college will forward the recertification form to CIA. Recipients must remain in good academic (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0) and judicial standing to continue the award.

For more information:

Lisa Schumann
Associate Director of Human Resources
216.421.7405 | Contact