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Admissions . Accepted Student Checklist . CIA Visit Award 

CIA Visit Award

As an admitted student, you are eligible to receive a CIA Visit Award. If you visited our campus in 2023 or visit before May 1, 2024 and you enroll at CIA for the fall semester, you will receive this CIA Visit Award worth $4,000 ($1,000 each year).

Visiting colleges allows you to get a sense of not only the campus, residence halls, and resources that will be available to you as a student, but also to get a sense of the community you'll be joining. You'll want to meet the faculty and students you'll be living and learning with. Will you feel welcomed, nurtured and challenged to push yourself creatively? In short, is this where you'll launch your creative career?

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What is the CIA Visit Award and how does it work?

Students who make an official visit to campus, and enroll at CIA, are eligible for the renewable $1,000 CIA Visit Award. The award will automatically be added to their financial aid award package.

Does it matter when I visit?

Admitted students who visited campus in 2023 or visit before May 1, 2024 are eligible.  

What is an official visit?

The Office of Admissions schedules all official visits. These can include one-on-one in-person experiences such as a tour of campus, an information session with an admissions counselor, or an in-person meeting with our Financial Aid counselors. Official visits also include attendance at our April 13 Accepted Student Preview Day and participation in the 2023 Summer Pre-College program. 

Do I have to apply for this award?

No, there is no separate application. The Office of Admissions keeps records of all official visits and will inform the Office of Financial Aid so that the $1,000 award can be added to their financial aid package.

Want to visit but are concerned about the cost of travel?

We have funding opportunities to get you to campus for our April 13 Accepted Student Preview Day. Click here for more details.

For more information:

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