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Photography + Video Courses

Acting + Directing

Course No. PHV 231  Credits: 3.0

Acting + Directing is an intense production course designed for aspiring art directors, screenwriters, and actors who wish to pursue a career in film and/or animation. The course requires both performance and cinematic practice. Directors will create and produce short scenes taking on the full responsibility of creating clear communication using the audio/visual language of cinema and focusing on the developing and execution of performance on screen. Beyond just holding the responsibility of successful execution of a project, directors will also switch roles with the actor, working from the other side of the lens to better understand the acting process and what kind of specific direction an actor needs to perform according to another director’s vision. Recommended for Video + Digital Cinema students. Cross-listed with Animation. Open elective.

Landscape Photography (EP)

Course No. PHV 232X-332X-432X  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Photo 1: Introduction to Photography

This course will provide an exploration of historical and contemporary approaches to landscape photography. Students will gain a better understanding of their approach to landscape photography within the broader context of contemporary art and society. Included in this course are visual and written investigations of the aesthetic, social, cultural and environmental philosophies relating to the landscape. Open Studio elective. Recommended for Photography majors. Prerequisite: PHV 295 Photo 1: Intro to Photography. Open Studio elective. Fulfills Engaged Practice requirement.

Introduction to Photojournalism

Course No. PHV 235-335-435  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Photo 1: Introduction to Photography

This course investigates photojournalism’s history and significance in contemporary culture. Concepts covered include vocabulary and components of visual expression, avenues for dissemination, and issues of communication through publication. Investigation techniques and editorial practices are explored. An introduction to photojournalistic techniques and tools is included in the coursework. Prerequisites: PHV 295 Photo I: Intro to Photography or instructor signature. Open studio elective.

Experimental Film + Video Art

Course No. PHV 240-340-440  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Video/Digital Cinema I: Screen Grammar

This is an advanced video course, investigating the scope of symbolic and improvisatory cinematic storytelling. Students will explore unconventional methods of video acquisition, manipulation, processing, editing and display. Students will be able to delve into media hybrids, rather than established narrative forms, underscoring metaphorical poetic styles that inform the structure of the work. Emphasis is on the development of acute observational skills and innovative visualization techniques and encourages divergent thinking and cognitive flexibility. This course is for students who have a sustained interest in using video and digital cinema’s technologies as part of their art making. Required of Photo majors in the Video track. Open studio elective. Prerequisite: PHV 267 Video/Digital Cinema I or signature of instructor. Open Studio elective.

Advanced Video & Digital Cinema Projects (EP)

Course No. PHV 242-342-442  Credits: 3.0

In this advanced video/digital cinema course, students will conduct individual research and investigation under the guidance of faculty. Students focus on strategic conceptualization and production in completion of a professional, self-directed video/digital cinema project. An additional aspect of this course examines closely the function of the individualized work within a broader community context and requires students to complete and implement a community-based component as part of their finished project. This course encourages students to consider their work in relation to exhibition, audience, and community. Prerequisite: PHV 240 Video/Digital Cinema I: Screen Grammar. Fulfills Engaged Practice requirement.

Cinematography: 16mm Filmmaking

Course No. PHV 261-361-461  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Photo 1: Introduction to Photography

This course is an introduction to the craft of filmmaking and appreciation of film as a pioneering medium of communication, entertainment, and art. The course introduces technical and aesthetic fundamentals of 16mm filmmaking where students work on individual and group projects. Students learn the camera, support systems, lighting techniques, metering systems and sound recording. Students are introduced to equipment used for production and post-production. Coursework includes visualization, pre-production planning, operation of equipment, and group collaboration. Students are exposed to the major movements in film history and important aesthetic approaches to film art. Students execute several exercises in 16mm film. They are responsible to purchase and process a minimum of three 100ft rolls (approximately 3.5 minutes each) of 16mm film stock. Prerequisite: PHV 295 Photo I: Intro to Photography or instructor’s signature. Open studio elective.

Photo Major 2.1: Narrative Structures

Course No. PHV 267  Credits: 3.0

Narrative Structures is an intensive study in visual thinking for the photography major designed to utilize the creative potentials for both single and multiple image narrative. In this course, students investigate visual narrative constructs for linear and nonlinear storytelling with both digital and film-based media. The course encourages interdisciplinary experimentation to examine methods of production for traditional, digital and diverse media to communicate both idea and process. Required for sophomore Photography majors. Offered fall.

Photo Major 2.2: Sophomore Seminar

Course No. PHV 268  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Jacob Koestler

This course serves as an introduction to the rigors of studio practice, fundamentals of critical theory and development of an individualized and cohesive portfolio. This course engages the student in research, writing, creative content, and project development. Students gain an ability to visualize and verbally articulate their ideas, understanding the semantics of visual communication, augmented through a schedule of directed readings and range of critique strategies. This active and immersed practice positions the student’s work in relation to the larger arena of historical and contemporary art in a social context. Required of sophomore Photo majors. Offered spring.


Join us for a lecture series inspired by the 2021 Summer Reading, On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz.

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Nancy McEntee is a Professor of Photography at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She received her Master of Fine...more

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