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Photography + Video Courses

Acting + Directing

Course No. PHV 231  Credits: 3.0

Acting + Directing is an intense production course designed for aspiring art directors, screenwriters, and actors who wish to pursue a career in film and/or animation. The course requires both performance and cinematic practice. Directors will create and produce short scenes taking on the full responsibility of creating clear communication using the audio/visual language of cinema and focusing on the developing and execution of performance on screen. Beyond just holding the responsibility of successful execution of a project, directors will also switch roles with the actor, working from the other side of the lens to better understand the acting process and what kind of specific direction an actor needs to perform according to another director’s vision. Recommended for Video + Digital Cinema students. Cross-listed with Animation. Open elective.

Advanced Studio Lighting

Course No. PHV 293X-393X-493X  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Fundamentals of Studio Lighting

This is an advanced-level course that facilitates discussion of the visual language of lighting for photographic processes in the larger context of contemporary art, photography, cinema, and digital media. Building on skills learned in Fundamentals of Studio Lighting, Advanced Studio Lighting expands the student’s knowledge of controlled artificial light. This course emphasizes the process involved to produce a portfolio of both portrait and product images, in a coherent body of work based on a theme, concept, or selected subject matter. The course focuses on how photographers and filmmakers use lighting as an element of storytelling. Students investigate the theory and practice of lighting within the history of photography and cinema lighting design. A component of the course engages students collaboratively to develop and execute lighting for a variety of scenes, presented for peer critique. Coursework also includes regular screenings and discussions of films, written papers and lab exercises. Prerequisite: PHV 292 Fundamentals of Studio Lighting.

Advanced Video & Digital Cinema Projects (EP)

Course No. PHV 242-342-442  Credits: 3.0

In this advanced video/digital cinema course, students will conduct individual research and investigation under the guidance of faculty. Students focus on strategic conceptualization and production in completion of a professional, self-directed video/digital cinema project. An additional aspect of this course examines closely the function of the individualized work within a broader community context and requires students to complete and implement a community-based component as part of their finished project. This course encourages students to consider their work in relation to exhibition, audience, and community. Prerequisite: PHV 240 Video/Digital Cinema I: Screen Grammar. Fulfills Engaged Practice requirement.

Alternative Photographic Processes

Course No. PHV 391-491  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Photo 1: Introduction to Photography | Digital Photo Imaging I for Non-Majors

This course investigates the historical processes, contemporary practices, and concepts of alternative photography. This includes non-silver techniques, hand-applied emulsions, chemical, digital and hybrid processes for photographic imaging. Processes demonstrated may include Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, Wet Plate Collodion, Platinum-Palladium, Liquid Emulsion and silver and non-silver toning options. Large format negatives for non-silver processes are generated using conventional film cameras, paper and digital negatives as well as photogram and pinhole photography. This course is project-based, involves research and experimentation, and is conducted through hands-on demos and instructional workshops. Open Studio elective. Recommended for Photography majors. Prerequisites: PHV 295 Photo I: Intro to Photography or; PHV 201 Digital Photo Imaging I, or instructor signature. Open Studio elective.

BFA Thesis + Exhibition

Course No. IME 402  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Anthony Scalmato | Elizabeth Halasz | Hal Lewis | Nancy McEntee | Robert Lauer | Robert Roth | Suzanne McGinness

These courses provide a platform for senior Animation, Life Sciences Illustration, Game Design, Illustration, and Photography majors who are BFA candidates. The course is structured to support the individual in shaping her/his own project and the production of all elements of the BFA thesis. Strong conceptual skills developed through professional planning and research are core to this process. Offered spring

Cinematography: 16mm Filmmaking

Course No. PHV 261-361-461  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Photo 1: Introduction to Photography

This course is an introduction to the craft of filmmaking and appreciation of film as a pioneering medium of communication, entertainment, and art. The course introduces technical and aesthetic fundamentals of 16mm filmmaking where students work on individual and group projects. Students learn the camera, support systems, lighting techniques, metering systems and sound recording. Students are introduced to equipment used for production and post-production. Coursework includes visualization, pre-production planning, operation of equipment, and group collaboration. Students are exposed to the major movements in film history and important aesthetic approaches to film art. Students execute several exercises in 16mm film. They are responsible to purchase and process a minimum of three 100ft rolls (approximately 3.5 minutes each) of 16mm film stock. Prerequisite: PHV 295 Photo I: Intro to Photography or instructor’s signature. Open studio elective.

Digital Photo Imaging I for Non-Majors

Course No. PHV 201  Credits: 3.0

This course is an introduction to the technical and aesthetic fundamentals of digital photographic imaging for creative application. Students use the computer to modify, manipulate, or to enhance photographic images. Emphasis is placed on consideration of the hardware and software tools required for successfully capturing, manipulating, and exporting images, as well as an understanding of the technical issues involved in each step of the production process. Students gain proficiency in the use of Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Lightroom and are made aware of the creative options this software facilitates. Open Studio elective. Prerequisites: FND 103D Digital Color and FND 104 Digital Synthesis or instructor signature.

Documentary Video

Course No. PHV 341-441  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Deborah Pinter
Prerequisite(s) Video/Digital Cinema I: Screen Grammar

This is an advanced elective video course: This course is designed to improve observational, analytical, organizational, creative and production skills. Students will explore the ways in which digital technology can transform contemporary visual culture, and fracture the predictable. Students will be encouraged to experiment with new presentation methods, and develop innovative techniques for combining sight and sound, light and word. Required of Photo Majors in the Video track. Prerequisite: PHV 297 Video/Digital Cinema I or permission of the faculty. Open Studio elective. Offered spring.

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