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Biomedical Art

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Life Sciences Illustration Courses

Veterinary Illustration

Course No. LSI 340X-440X  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Elizabeth Halasz

Veterinary illustration is expanding as pet owners seek information explaining pet care in their home and/or farm. Once reserved for the veterinarian, articles in magazines, brochures and pharmaceutical pamphlets are popular outlets where the lay audience seeks to be better educated about medical and routine care for their pets. This course will define selected taxonomic groups of the animal kingdom and how they correlate anatomically in a veterinary environment. Drawing assignments will apply techniques to depict anatomic detail of various types of animals, particularly those common in veterinary fields, such as equestrian, canine, feline, aves. Emphasis on basic anatomy, comparative anatomy, behavior and movement are key elements to describe and illustrate an accurate image as applied to a specific veterinary topic. Using appropriate media, students will complete several veterinary projects addressing topics found in both veterinary (professional level) and lay audience applications. Pre-requisites: Strong drawing skills and an interest in understanding biology and animal science. Open only to junior and senior LSI majors. Others with instructor permission.

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