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Biomedical Art

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Life Sciences Illustration Courses

Life Sciences Illustration: Advanced Media Concepts

Course No. LSI 353  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Joseph Pangrace

This course serves as the first iteration of media concepts and problems in Life Sciences Illustration, and builds on observational and other skills acquired from preceding LSI courses. The course focuses on digital illustration and drawing techniques which help to explore editorial, narrative and educational communication problems. The course is also available for non-majors to develop strong skills in digital illustration/drawing techniques(Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) The course entails developing skills and knowledge necessary for effective visual communication of concepts and subject matter such as human anatomy, veterinary/zoology subjects, body systems and natural science subject matter. The focus will be on developing advanced visual storytelling skills. Students will learn to take complex information presented by specific life sciences subject matter and selectively simplify it to effectively solve visual communication problems. Students will work exclusively in digital media will to develop practical competence in the rendering methodologies and learn the conventions of modern production. When appropriate, project-based learning and client relationships will be incorporated into the course for specific assignments and exercises. Students outside Life Sciences Illustration will not be required to produce illustrations based on biomedical content, but instead will focus on developing visually illustrated narrative projects, of equal complexity, pertinent to their own areas of interest. Offered fall.

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David Schumick

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