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Liberal Arts

Paul  Hanson

Paul Hanson

Title Adjunct Faculty
Department Liberal Arts
Phone 216.421.7000

Courses  Art & Its Social Life in Madagascar | Social Science & Aesthetic Practice: An Introduction

I am an anthropologist and folklorist working in the United States and Madagascar.

My PhD dissertation research focused on the interrelations between the people indigenous to the southeastern rain forest regions of Madagascar and national and international conservation and development actors concerned with the island. In considering such interrelations, I focus on communication dynamics (especially ritual communication), conservation and development rationales and technologies of governance, and democratic processes, practices and potentialities. I continue research on these topics and also work with Malagasy art practices and diaspora groups in the Washington, DC area and in New York City.

I am currently working on theorizing collective political events ("riots") through a Deluezoguattarian-inspired ontology of the site. Two events in particular are the focus of ongoing empirical research: the Hough and Glenville "riots" that occurred in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 and 1968 respectively.

I am also an educator. My pedagogical approach owes a great deal to the Brazilian educator and educational theorist Paulo Friere's understanding of education as a “practice of freedom.” Accordingly, my efforts to teach concepts constituting the social are inseparably tied to struggles to overcome various forms of oppression.

Degree PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Case Western Reserve University

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