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Writing Across Gender

Course No. LLC 424  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Writing + Inquiry I: Basic Composition + Contemporary Ideas | Writing + Inquiry I: Basic Composition + Contemporary Ideas | Writing + Inquiry II: Research + Intellectual Traditions | Writing + Inquiry II: Research + Intellectual Traditions

This course is designed to outline the contributions of women and non-binary authors to the origins and development of literature from antiquity to the present time. It will focus on the role of gender performance and visibility in literary space and explore questions like “What was ‘women’s writing’ in the 19th century? What is “trans writing” today? It will inquire into the areas of race and social class as they are directly relevant to (or feature as tropes within) the literature comprising our reading list. It also introduces some of the basic theoretical questions that trans and feminist scholarship has raised in connection with gender and writing. Through selected readings, research, and critical discussion, members of this class will become familiar with contemporary literature that thinks about and performs gender, its social/historical contexts, and some of the critical approaches through which it has been considered. Creative Writing Concentration course. Prerequisites: LLC 101 and LLC 102. Formerly Womans' Words.

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Gary D. Sampson

Professor of Art + Design History

Gary Sampson teaches art and design history and theory. He is also adjunct in art history and occasional SAGES...more

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