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Social Science & Aesthetic Practice: An Introduction

Course No. SNS 340 / ACD 340  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Paul Hanson

This course explores two interrelated questions: how is social life analyzed and theorized by social scientists, and how is it engaged by artists? The course will thus proceed by identifying a set of concepts that are at the heart of the social sciences in general, and then illuminate how a variety of social science theories employ the concepts. As each concept is examined, students will also consider the work of different artists who engage this feature of the social. Each week, as we move through specific theoretical areas, students will be given the opportunity to explore the work and writing of twelve artists and/or group exhibitions engaged with the social concept under discussion. Artists working with the media of electronics, cinema, sculpture, painting, performance and photography will form the case study basis of the course. The course will end with a consideration of benefit-oriented socially engaged art. Formerly SNS 340X.

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Mark Bassett

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For many years, Dr. Bassett has conducted research on CIA's history. With Henry Adams, he is now writing a boo...more

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