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Creative Writing: Fiction

Course No. LLC 215W  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Writing + Inquiry I: Basic Composition + Contemporary Ideas | Writing + Inquiry I: Basic Composition + Contemporary Ideas | Writing + Inquiry II: Research + Intellectual Traditions | Writing + Inquiry II: Research + Intellectual Traditions

Courses with the Creative Writing designation will cover a specific kind, or genre, of creative writing. Examples might include travel writing, interactive fiction, writing Young Adult (YA) fiction, memoir, nature writing, novel writing, and emerging and experimental forms. The topic covered in specific courses designated as such will be listed when students register. At the beginning of the course, students will read published examples in the area, read craft essays to understand vocabulary and technique, and complete writing exercises to learn and practice. After the first, reading-intensive phase of the semester, the class will workshop student writing.

“Workshop” means that everyone in the class will read drafts by all students, provide each writer with written feedback, and discuss the work thoroughly in class. The main goal of the class is for all students to write their own original work. Other assignments include reading responses, writing exercises, and feedback to peers.

Fiction is the sustained application of the literary artist’s imagination to the observation of life, and writing it well requires a vision of what’s true in the story before it ever reaches the page. Fiction Writing provides the student with the opportunity to write short fiction, discuss technique, study master storytellers, and critique one another’s work. Some weekly topics in writing technique take up the issues of narrative structure, clear meaning, turning story into plot, scene content and scene break, dialogue, conflict and tension, the power of point of view, the revelation of character, and rewriting. Over the course of the term, students work on three pieces of fiction.

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