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Art & Its Social Life in Madagascar

Course No. ACD 382 / HCS 382  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Paul Hanson

Madagascar is a large island in the Indian Ocean, just southeast of the African mainland. Artistic practice in Madagascar is very distinctive, being informed by a unique blend of the 20 different ethnic groups on the island and a broad division between rural (animist, or ancestral cultures) and urban lifestyles. This course explores a range of Malagasy arts, giving particular attention to the forms these arts take, the processes of their production and the relations they maintain to the island’s social and cultural lives. Throughout the course, readings and discussions will be supplemented by images, videos and collected art. Students will be asked to analyze the various Malagasy art forms and the processes that go into their production, as well as to think critically about the relations these aesthetic practices have with Malagasy socioculture. Formerly ACD 379X/HCS 379X.

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