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Abnormal Psychology

Course No. SNS 309  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Valentino Zullo

How does the psychological community, the legal community and society at large determine what is abnormal? How do we as individuals make decisions about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior? How do culture, religion and geographical location influence the definitions of normal behavior? It is these questions and others we will explore in this class examining the diagnosing, treatment and experimental study of psychopathology. Through lectures, case presentation, videos and required readings, you will develop an appreciation, understanding, and knowledge of behavior labeled as "abnormal." You will also enhance critical thinking skills, utilize methods of naturalistic observation and gain a sense of compassion and sensitivity for those who live with mental health disorders.

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David Hart

David Hart

Associate Professor | Assistant Chair of Liberal Arts

Dr. Hart is an Associate Professor of Art History in the Liberal Arts Department. He taught African-American A...more

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