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Jewelry + Metals

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Jewelry + Metals Courses

Jewelry + Metals: Fabrication

Course No. MET 206-306-406  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Kathy Buszkiewicz
Prerequisite(s) Intro to Jewelry + Metals

Emphasis in the studio is placed on fabrication techniques, from pattern work to cold connection, soldering on larger scale and hollow construction. Independent work is encouraged. Visiting artists, field trips, and slide presentations supplement the class. Open to sophomore Jewelry + Metals majors and all electives. Prerequisites: MET249 Introduction to Jewelry + Metals.

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Kathy Buszkiewicz slip-knot180x7.6x12.jpgslip-knot-detail-1.jpg

Kathy Buszkiewicz


As a materials magician, Kathy Buszkiewicz creates multi-layered works from U.S. currency which explore themes...more

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