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Industrial Design

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Industrial Design Courses

Professional Practices: Entrepreneurial Ventures

Course No. PPEL 398A  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Angela Clark

This course provides an overview of the environment surrounding the business of art and design, and the practice of the individual. One of the two class meeting per week is a core lecture series that covers self-promotion, networking, ethics, intellectual property, contracts, professional development, and guidance by practicing professionals. During the other weekly meeting, students attend a breakout session for the specific course in which they are enrolled. The breakout session for this course, Professional Practices: Entrepreneurial Ventures, transports the student through the key decisions required to establish a successful art/design business. Books and supplies to be determined by instructor.

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Dan Cuffaro img9256.jpgncampstoveflame.jpg

Dan Cuffaro

Associate Professor | Chair of Industrial Design

Dan Cuffaro is a designer, educator, and entrepreneur. He consults in the area of industrial design, design st...more

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