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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Courses

Graphic Design: Internship (EP)

Course No. GDS 399-499  Credits: 0.0

Elective credit can be given on a case-by-case basis for an internship developed by the student through the Career Center Office with advance permission of the department chair. Fulfills Engaged Practice requirement.

Graphic User Interface: Information Architecture

Course No. GDS 206-306-406  Credits: 3.0

In the Information Age, the presentation of information is of special importance. Information surrounds us at every moment: the phone bill, the weather forecast, global warming reports, the list of your friends on Facebook...all of this information must be organized in some fashion to make it meaningful. This course will focus on how designers and artists can effectively represent information in a visual format. Special emphasis will be placed on how information is used to persuade or affect us. Concepts explored will include informational systems and graphics developed for physical and electronic media. Students will architect informational systems in a medium of their choice (online, print, painting, etc.).

Graphics for Design

Course No. GDS 237-238  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Debi Belt

This course is designed to teach graphic presentation skills for non-majors in the first semester, and to help students create an effective professional presentation package in the second. The first semester focuses on developing an understanding of key graphic elements, including; grid, type and hierarchy. The second semester focuses on students using these elements to develop their personal portfolios and professional presentation packages. The emphasis of the entire course is to teach effective visual presentation skills. All assignments are geared to help the students develop overall presentation abilities, while building a basic understanding the keys elements of graphic and communication design. Offered fall.

Hand Made Book

Course No. GDS 309-409  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Eugene Pawlowski

This course will encompass an introduction to bookbinding tools and techniques. A hands-on approach to the school’s production facilities, giving students the opportunity to work with the potentials and limitations of the reproduction process. Responsible experimentation with production tools and facilities is encouraged to expand and challenge the process. The course objectives will be pursued through explanations, demonstrations, and critiques. Prerequisites: None. GDS 203 Typography I and GDS 265 Design for Communication I are strongly recommended. Offered fall and spring.

Limited Edition Portfolio Publication

Course No. GDS 207-307-407  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Eugene Pawlowski

This course revolves around creation of a well designed, beautifully executed, printed and bound "leave behind" portfolio. Responsible experimentation with production tools and facilities is encouraged to expand and challenge the process. The course objectives will be pursued through explanations, demonstrations, and critiques.

Package Design

Course No. GDS 341  Credits: 3.0

This course discusses the vast amount of packaged goods in the marketplace. Students develop the design aesthetic software skills to design, create and prepare art to implement consumer packaging.

Production Seminar

Course No. GDS 360  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Eugene Pawlowski

This required course begins with one simple question: What do you want to make? The rest of the course is devoted to learning how to "make things" in the vast array of facilities open to today's designers. The process of making things is approached from a practical side (understanding materials and digital tools) and a theoretical side (social responsibility and sustainability). Students learn to form successful teams to define and produce projects. Prerequisite: Design for Communication and Typography or Permission of the Instructor. Offered fall.

Publication Design

Course No. GDS 35X-45X  Credits: 3.0

This course covers contemporary issues in Publication Design. The aesthetic of type and image remains the most widespread media for graphic designers. Aspects of the printed word and image will be investigated and considered in this class by focusing on the process by which ideas are developed, conceived, written, edited, and ultimately presented. Publication Design will explore projects that will include exercises focused on working within a team, within budgets, with other professionals, and with key vendors. The sequence of the idea is stressed, including how these ideas are presented and revealed through a variety of publishing media.

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Greg Luvison

Associate Professor | Chair of Graphic Design

Greg Luvison is Associate Professor/Chair of Graphic Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Greg has been a...more

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