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Graphic Design

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User Experience/User Interface Design (EP)

Course No. GDS 320-420  Credits: 0.0
Faculty Missy Mack

The technological changes of the past 10 years have expanded the possibilities for graphic interface design in countless ways. From devices, to wearables, to the Internet of Things, providing an intuitive and enjoyable experience via a Graphic Interface is critical to both attracting and keeping users. User Experience methodology is central to this design revolution. By understanding and employingthe key tools of UX methodology (empathy maps, journey maps, information sorting and architecture, etc) designers are able to create smart, beautiful and useful solutions to contemporary design problems. Employing the core concepts of Graphic Design, such as hierarchy, information and narrative flow, grids, and basic typography are central to successful designs and experiences. This class aims to demystify user experience by having students engage in rapid prototyping of Interfaces using contemporary methods and tools. Students will not only create workable prototypes of their designs and apps, they will rapidly test them with an audience, gather feedback and rework their designs based on that feedback. These experiences will give students a practical and simple introduction to what UX is while also explaining some of the core concepts of usability. Open to juniors and seniors with one year of Graphic Design training or by signature of the instructor.3 credits.Fulfills Engaged Practice requirement.

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