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Art + Design History I: Ancient-18th Century

Course No. ACD 103  Credits: 3.0

Intended to introduce students to art history through the study of major art concepts, theories, and historical events from the ancient Greek and Roman periods to Europe of the Enlightenment. The approach is both chronological and thematic. Offered fall.

Art + Design History II: 18th Century-1945

Course No. ACD 104  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Art + Design History I: Ancient-18th Century

Covers major movements and ideas in European and American art and design history to the mid-20th century. Students are provided with a firm grounding in the debates and theories of modernity and modernism in art. Prerequisite ACD 103. Offered spring.

Critical Issues in Visual Culture

Course No. ACD 150  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Gary D. Sampson

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to examine important themes in contemporary art, design and visual culture; analyze contemporary art, design and visual culture using critical theories and methods of analysis; develop critical thinking and communication skills through written assignments and class discussion; employ basic skills in researching art and design topics.

Art + Design History III: 1945-Present

Course No. ACD 203  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Art + Design History II: 18th Century-1945 | Art + Design History I: Ancient-18th Century

Examines influential artists and related concepts of art and design from around WWII through the first decade of the new millennium. Discussions focus especially on critical distinctions and meanings of modern, postmodern, and contemporary art, design, and visual culture. Prerequisites ACD 103 and 104. Offered fall.

Themes and Movements in Art and Design History

Course No. ACD 250  Credits: 3.0

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to recognize and discuss the development of, and debates about, modernity and modernism pertinent to art; learn to identify selected key monuments in the western and non-western movements and cultures covered; recognize the social contexts and the crucial cultural ideas within which western art was produced and received; apply the critical theories and methods of analysis and learned in the Critical Issues in Visual Culture course to analyze the art and visual culture in the key movements covered and develop and exercise the ability to discuss what they have learned orally and in writing using art historical and critical terminology.

Visual Culture and the Manufacture of Meaning

Course No. ACD 305  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Steven Ciampaglia

This course will introduce students to critical theories and methods of analysis for interpreting contemporary visual art and culture. Topics include: formalism and stylistic analysis; semiotics and structuralism; Marxist theory; biography; psychoanalytic theory; feminist analysis and gender studies; postcolonial theory; post structuralism and postmodernity. Select interpretive frameworks employed in the "manufacture of meaning" will be situated historically and discussed fully and critically, using seminal writings. Required for Visual Culture Emphasis. Fulfills post-1960s art history requirement.

Cinematic Time after 1960

Course No. ACD 320 / HCS 320  Credits: 3.0

What does a cinematic image of time look like? Why did this question suddenly seem pressing after the Second World War? How has cinematic time been explored by filmmakers and artists in the past 50 years? What possibilities does this exploration open up? These questions will guide our investigation of cinematic time since 1960. We will consider a wide range of films and moving image media in which time takes on strange qualities—where the emphasis is on what is happening in the image, rather than on what has happened or will happen in the next shot. $25 course fee required. Formerly ACD 320X.

Race and Representation in Contemporary Art + Culture

Course No. ACD 321  Credits: 3.0

This seminar-style course considers the relationship between race and representation in visual art and culture during the last three decades using contemporary methods including multi-culturism and postcolonial theory. We will discuss and analyze examples of contemporary art as well as popular culture drawn from advertisements, animation, film, the internet, installation and performance art, sculpture, photography, television, and video. The focus will be on American culture, but discussions will also include the cultural contexts of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. In addition to the primary focus on the representation of race, questions of class, sexuality, and gender will also be considered. Questions to be addressed include: Is race largely a biological or cultural phenomenon? How are "white" and "mixed-race" understood as racial categories? How have artists of different races dealt with racial identity and representation? Do popular media such as commercial advertisements and music videos convey prevailing notions of racial stereotypes? Visual Culture Emphasis course. Fulfills post-1960s art history requirement. Formerly ACD 420.

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