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Glass Concentration

During the past half century, the studio glass movement of the 1960s has bridged the gap between individual artists and craftspersons making one-of-a-kind sculptures to creating handmade and production functional glass objects. This melding of personal expression with the business of being a working artist has led to the exponential growth in private, artist-owned studios, community studios, and glass programs in universities including our BFA degree program at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

As a student in the Glass department, you will learn four primary methodologies:

  • Working hot glass which comprises glassblowing and off hand, molten glass processes
  • Working glass cold including cutting, grinding, sandblasting, fabricating and polishing
  • Fusion processes such as casting, slumping, and bending
  • Flame working, using a torch to bend tubes of glass

After you survey all basic methods during your introductory classes, you will explore various techniques and concepts before performing your own independent study and research individually tailored to your developing voice.

You will do all of this under the guidance of our talented faculty, whose commitment to the art form has earned them international recognition as leading contributors to the medium.

Real-world experience for real-world careers
What may best set CIA apart from other colleges of art and design is its commitment to engaged practice. CIA’s Engaged Practice provides you opportunities to learn through experience by working on real-world projects with external partners or clients, or in the public sphere—all before graduation.

These opportunities allow you to put your classroom and studio knowledge to work in a professional setting while still being guided by faculty. You’ll learn what it takes to meet clients’ expectations, and you will emerge with confidence that will serve you as you launch your career.

What can I do with a degree in Glass?

  • Art Educator
  • Gallerist
Cores + Connections

Our connections are your connections.

While at CIA, you'll learn from the masters through our rigorous, world-class curriculum and connect with working professionals to begin your career.