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Game Design

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Game Design Faculty

Robert Brown egNB6kBUO60.jpg74024279.jpg

Robert Brown

Title Assistant Professor | Chair of Game Design
Department Game Design
Phone 216.421.7000

Degree Bachelors degree in Technology and Integrated Media and Environments

Robert Brown is an assistant professor in the Game Design Department. He taught game design for 10 years at various technical universities like Fullsail in Orlando, Florida and the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. Robert started his professional field experience in 2004 as a 2D/3D concept artist and eventually earned a decade’s worth of industry experience as a full game production artist. Robert spent some of this time working for studios like Electronic Arts as a character modeler and texture artist and Day1 studios creating digital sculpting for the F.E.A.R series for the PC Xbox and PlayStation. While working for EA, he was responsible for sculpting more than 300 characters and updating the texture pipeline and workflow for the next generation gaming console. Robert now works as department chair at the Cleveland Institute of Art while moonlighting as a character artist for Heroic Games on the Ship of Heroes MMORPG game.

Jared Bendis sample1.jpgsample2.jpg

Jared Bendis

Title Adjunct Faculty
Department Game Design
Phone 216.421.7000

Courses  Game Media Production I (EP) | Intro to Game Design | Special VFX/Simulation + Virtual Reality

Degree MA, Case Western Reserve University

Jared received his BA from Case Western Reserve University in Psychology with minors in Music and Art Studio and his MA in Art Education from the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Institute of Art joint program and is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Case Western Reserve University in Modern Dance with a focus on Performance Media.

Jared is a specialist in photography, game design, virtual reality, interactive and new media and serves as the Creative New Media Officer for Case Western Reserve University’s Kelvin Smith Library. As the Creative New Media Officer, Jared weaves together cutting-edge technologies with proven, innovative pedagogical strategies to create rich media experiences. Jared serves as a senior expert for the campus, designing digital media strategies for content creation (and use) by researching and developing New Media applications for education and digital scholarship. Jared also holds adjunct appointments in the CWRU Art Studio, Music, and SAGES departments where he teaches courses on multimedia, instructional technology, and New Media Literacy. He is also adjunct faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he teaches in the Game Design program.

Jared is also an installation artist, photographer, teacher, playwright and filmmaker. As a visual artist Jared focuses on the way people see, augmenting their reality via technology and visual perception. As a photographer he prefers to view the world though a wide-angle lens and specializes in spherical panoramic and stereoscopic photography. On his first trip overseas, in March 2000, Jared visited the Chateau de Pierrefonds in France and became driven (if not obsessed) with capturing and sharing cultural and architectural experiences and has photographed over 500 architectural, archeological and cultural sites (primarily castles) in 14 countries. Jared’s art practice also includes creating immersive installations that provide interactive social and sensory experiences for viewers.

Jared has extensive experience in the Museum world digitizing collection materials from: The Cleveland Museum of Art (where he served as their Virtual Reality Specialist), The Cleveland Botanical Garden, The Western Reserve Historical Society, The Cleveland Natural History Museum, The Cleveland Zoo, The musée des beaux-arts Dijon (in coordination with the French Regional American Museum Exchange), and the Isparta Museum in Turkey.

As a practicing commercial artist, Jared is lead developer, designer, and co-owner of Lemming Labs Limited that develops interactive media applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. His mobile applications include: “Mandalas,” “EasyDraw,” “HoopDreams,” “Carve-It,” “Egg Draw,” “Hex Doodle,” and “Mow-It” to name but a few… He is also the owner of ATBOSH Media ltd. a co-publishing firm that specializes in traditional print media, web design, and custom app and game development.

Anthony Calabro

Title Adjunct Faculty
Department Game Design
Phone 216.421.7000

Courses  Introduction to Game Development

Harrison Walsh stingray01.jpgfountain.jpg

Harrison Walsh

Title Adjunct Faculty
Department Game Design
Phone 216.421.7000

Courses  3D Texture, Mapping, Digital Lighting | Game Media Production I (EP) | Game Media Production III | Game Testing + Level Design

Degree BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art

Harrison Walsh has been a member of the Cleveland Institute of Art's Game Design Department since 2013. He graduated from CIA with a BFA in T.I.M.E.–Digital Arts in 2009 and began instructing students in game design and digital arts in 2010. Outside of CIA Harrison also does freelance 3D modeling, game design, graphic design, and film work. Recently, Walsh worked on the motion picture Draft Day.

Mario Serrano 5200beautyfinal2.jpg3585085oggs9molffsoda9hnf5qpa0d.jpg

Mario Serrano

Title Adjunct Faculty
Department Game Design
Phone 216.421.7000

Degree BFA, The Ohio State University 2010

Mario graduated from The Ohio State University's Art and Technology Program where he earned his BFA. He currently works as a Product Visualization Specialist creating animations and 3D imagery for television, print, and web. He has worked on projects for several corporations including Moen, Dirt Devil, Hilton Hotels, and Chevron.

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