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Game Design

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Game Design Courses

Advanced Digital Sculpting & Modeling

Course No. GAME 445X  Credits: 3.0

This class is an open elective course offered through the game design department introducing artist to the world of new techniques and principles within digital sculpting and 3D modeling while utilizing an array of new digital sculpting software and hardware integration. This course integrates work flows and technology which have been adopted as industry standards in most all 3D production houses. The course also focuses on exploring new media such as Virtual reality Sculpting tools/techniques through digital figurative study and design.

This course teaches students how to utilize the traditional principles of sculpting within a limitless digital landscape better preparing them for an evolving industry they can confidently transition into. The course will implement a number or project based exercises around the principles of form shape texture silhouette design, anatomy and many of the traditional tenets of sculpting & design. Students will leave this course with a confident understanding of not only how to integrate new tools and techniques into their R&D but also how to be flexible and adaptive with new digital tools emerging media. Pre-requisite: Intro 3D Modeling.

Sound Design Fundamentals

Course No. IME 211  Credits: 3.0

This course will focus on the fundamentals of sound design and foley which relate to the film, television, animation, video games and the entertainment industry. Students will learn how to record, edit, and mix sounds while learning how to use microphones, software, and the recording studio. In this course, we will record and edit sound effects, voiceover work and music to be used in projects that support or enhance moving images. Required of Game Design majors and Photography majors in the Video + Digital Cinema track.

BFA Thesis + Exhibition

Course No. IME 402  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Anthony Scalmato | Elizabeth Halasz | Hal Lewis | Nancy McEntee | Robert Lauer | Robert Roth | Suzanne McGinness

These courses provide a platform for senior Animation, Life Sciences Illustration, Game Design, Illustration, and Photography majors who are BFA candidates. The course is structured to support the individual in shaping her/his own project and the production of all elements of the BFA thesis. Strong conceptual skills developed through professional planning and research are core to this process. Offered spring

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