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Game Design

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Game Design Courses

Intro to 3D Modeling

Course No. ANIM 345  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Lisa Tan

The course is designed to cover concepts in
digital 3D organic and device model
construction, whereby the virtual models
designed are rendered and composited for
2D illustration purposes to solve specific
conceptual problems. The subject matter
within the Game Design curriculum reflects
the development of characters, game
environments and specific assets for game
development. Students outside the Game
Design Major, are required to work with
subjects appropriate to their major field of
study for concept development and for long
term portfolio objectives. Projects include
concepts and workflow for constructing a
virtual 3D surface by: (1) defining the visual
problem within a concept sketch in
pre-production, (2) utilizing specific
introductory modeling methods to build the
3D illustration components, (3) the use of
basic lighting and rendered materials, (4)
export methods into Adobe Photoshop for
augmentation, finishing and final illustration
techniques and layout. Projects require the
student to gain and improve upon
conceptual skills, problem-solving in
specific media situations (digital 2D & 3D)
and technical proficiency at an introductory
level in 3D modeling.

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