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2D Design

Course No. FNDN 110  Credits: 3.0

In this fundamental visual composition course, students learn the primary elements and principles of visual language and are introduced to a range of formal and conceptual problems which become increasingly complex as the course progresses. Students are challenged to explore core design principles of visual organization in unique and challenging ways, and to gain the ability to problem-solve through ideation processes, group dialogue, perceptual refinement and skills management. Developing analytical skills and the ability to effectively engage in an ongoing process of critique are also core components of the course. 2D Design involves the planning and organization of the parts within a whole, through a sense of experimentation, risk taking and discovery. This course focuses primarily on 2-dimensional forms but also gradually introduces some elements related to 3-dimensional forms. Material exploration and the development of strong manual skills in regard to visual acuity and craft sensitivity are a key aspect of every assignment. Knowledge and skills gained in concurrent Foundation program areas such as drawing and digital skills are fundamental for communicating ideas and are reinforced in 2D Design. Corequisites: FNDN 110L. 3 credits.

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