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Fall Workshops: Coming Soon

Check back for updates on our fall session of teacher workshops.

Past Workshops

Take a look at workshops offered during past sessions. If you'd like to see a specific workshop offered for future sessions, let us know by emailing or calling 216.421.7460.

Papier-Mâché Sculpture 101 with Claire Marks

Papier-mâché is a French term translated literally as “pulped paper.” For centuries, craftspeople have used this economic technique to make lightweight sculptures, masks, puppets, and many other kinds of art. In this class, instructor Claire Marks will teach the basics of sculpting with papier-mâché. Students will become familiar with different types of paste to use and will learn several easy techniques for building armatures (the structure) for these sculptures.

Sequential Underground: Mini-Comix and Zines with Nathan Ward

Teachers will be invited to learn about, explore, and discuss a variety of independently published comics and zines, including but not limited to the Underground Comix of the 1960’s, the Riot Grrrl zines of the 80’s, and the art comics and zines that flourish in modern D.I.Y. communities across the world. Educators will proceed to design and create an eight-page mini-comic and engage in a “book swap” upon completion. Participants will learn the variety of printing options, page size ratios, sequential approaches, art historical perspectives, and crafting techniques involved in the creation of a mini-comic or zine.

Screen Printing and Book Binding with Anna Tararova

Create personalized notebooks with screen-printed covers. This screen-printing and bookbinding workshop offers a broad range of information and hands-on printing experience. Learn to create a stencil, work with photo emulsion, expose a screen, register multiple colors and print on cover stock. Then practice bookbinding by sewing several 5-hole pamphlet stitch books with your freshly screen printed covers. Pamphlet stitch binding is one of the essential building blocks of bookbinding. This hand-sewn stitch binds together the pages with the cover along the spine. It is perfect for making small to medium notebooks, sketchbooks or zines.

An Origami Adventure with James W. Peake

Origami is an expansive art form that can take on numerous incarnations. From animal to abstract, singular to modular, fancy to functional – origami caters to a myriad of different interests and skill sets. Take origami to a deeper level, and it reveals interesting and meaningful connections that can deepen our understanding of the world around us. Origami expert James Peake will guide teachers through a variety of folding methods and topics. Many different models will be made throughout the day, including but not limited to animals, geometric forms, airplanes, and more. Teachers will leave with resources for pursuing future folding at home and at school.

Portfolio Photography: Documenting 2D + 3D Work with Amber N. Ford

Help your students work shine through by taking the best portfolio images! In this workshop, you will learn how to photograph and edit your images using affordable equipment and Adobe Photoshop. We will go over photography equipment, set-up, lighting techniques & modifiers, and post-production editing. Please bring your camera if you have one, all additional equipment will be provided. Alternative equipment and editing software/apps will be discussed depending on your classroom limitations and needs.

Fall Teacher Workshops

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019
Who: K-12 Instructors, any subject!