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Fall Workshops: The Art of Pattern and Texture

Reconnect with your artistic side and develop new techniques and perspectives that you can take back to the classroom. Earn CEUs or one graduate workshop credit, network with other educators, and enhance your skills in digital arts, craft, design, and fine arts.

Traditional Paper Marbling

Instructor: Claire Marks

Marbling is the technique of transferring paint suspended on water to another surface, traditionally paper. In this intensive workshop, students will learn the essentials of marbling with acrylic paints: how to set up a marbling station, how to prepare their paper, and how to recreate unique marbling patterns. This class will also cover the Japanese method of marbling called suminagashi.

Ceramic Surface Treatment with Lynne Lofton

Instructor: Lynn Norwood Lofton

Revitalize and deepen your ceramics skills by focusing on surface treatments. This workshop will cover several different approaches to surface embellishment techniques using readily available commercial ceramic products (underglazes, glazes, decals) to create rich and interesting textures. The instructor will demonstrate slip trailing, sgraffito, burnishing, stamping, carving, mono printing, faceting, and more. Participants will create tiles, and small hand built objects, to experiment with these concepts. There will also be a discussion offering new project ideas for the classroom which can be easily adapted for grades K-12.

Explorations in Monoprint

Instructor: Stevie Lee Tanner

Embrace your experimental side while mastering essential printmaking skills. In this workshop you will learn various methods of creating a Monoprint, which include: direct painting, stencils & stamps, pressure printing, chine colle, and photo transfer techniques. We will cover press use, as well as techniques that can be used without a press. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own suite of Monoprints.

Traced Objects + Tessellations

Instructor: Natalie Petrosky

In this hands-on workshop we will explore patterns through the use of everyday objects, as well as an introduction to tessellations backed by color theory. We will focus on drawing and collage exercises that have endless possibilities and can be integrated into any classroom or curriculum. These methods of creation will help to develop a sense of resourcefulness alongside an academic rigor, and enforce the idea of ‘play’. We will also discuss how drawn, painted, or collaged pattern can then be applied to future projects such as three-dimensional objects.

Wool Felting

Instructor: Erin Duhigg

Felt from wool is considered to be the oldest known textile. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn how to wet felt yardage, three-dimensional forms, and pattern/imagery that will open endless possibilities. Demonstrations, historical foundation, and sample production will take place in the morning, with individual projects in the afternoon.

Jewelry + Metals: Die-Forms and Patterns

Instructor: Matthew Hollern

This workshop will introduce the basics of making and using dies, and the creation of patterned metal, to create beautiful forms for jewelry, accessories, and functional objects. Die-forming is a simple, immediate, and controlled method of producing forms that can be manipulated with ease and great variation, the extent of which is the product of three basic variables: material, pattern, and form. This workshop is open to all skill levels.

Pattern and Texture in Fused Glass

Instructor: Steve Leetch

We will be exploring oven casting with colored fusible glass. Both sides of a piece of glass will be considered to create patterns and texture. Sheet glass, powders, and frit will be cut and stacked over castable glass to create new and interesting objects.

Fall Teacher Workshops

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019
Who: K-12 Instructors, any subject!

Register online by October 7