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Spring Workshops

Reconnect with your artistic side and develop new techniques and perspectives that you can take back to the classroom. Earn CEUs or one graduate workshop credit, network with other educators, and enhance your skills in digital arts, craft, design, and fine arts.

Artwork by Susan Danko

Architecture + Interior Design

Instructor: Jody Amsden

Have you ever dreamt of designing a space but weren’t sure how to get started? Throughout this workshop you will be encouraged to develop imaginative, responsible design solutions to problems created by the physical limitations of the built environment.  We will begin to learn hand skills using tools of the trade (drawing boards and architectural scales) and progress to computer skills including drafting, inspiration boards, material selections, and renderings.

Charcoal Drawing Stop Motion Animation

Instructor: Adri Nerone

In this workshop we will watch examples of charcoal animation and then delve into creating our own animations using charcoal and erasing methods in successive drawings made on the same sheet of paper. Your animation will show traces of previous, modified drawings evoking the concept of passing time, change, and fading memory as your major theme in a cycle of repeated erasure, drawing, and image capture. You will learn the basics of stop motion animation and editing and adding sound to your animation.

Exploring Acrylic Mediums 

This workshop is full and closed for enrollment.

Instructor: Susan Danko

Acrylic paint is easy to use and clean up, making it an excellent choice for use in the classroom. Acrylics are also very versatile. They can be thinned to a transparent wash, thickened to a heavy impasto, and everything in between. In this workshop you will learn how to use a wide variety of gel mediums and explore techniques that can be developed through their use. An initial materials demonstration will include the opportunity for participation, allowing you to sample each new technique. Later, you will work individually to further experience the creative possibilities that acrylic mediums hold.

Photoshop Monsters

Instructor: Gerry Shamray

In this intro class you’ll explore the different areas in Photoshop that are useful in producing a digital illustration/painting by creating your own monster/creature. Techniques include using masks, layer styles, textures, blending modes, flow/opacity and other creature features. We’ll also look into ways to add a little more visual flair to your creation. Let the creative monster inside of you out in Photoshop!

Wire: Line in Space

Instructor: Natalie Petrosky

We often think of line as a mark on a piece of paper, but lines exist in the physical world around us as well: line is a tool used equally by sculptors and painters. In this workshop we’ll explore a drawing and sculpture crossover project that fits into any art classroom. Beginning with blind contour drawing, we’ll look at real life objects, and translate them to 2D images. Then we’ll chose a blind-contour drawing to turn back into a 3-dimenisonal wire sculpture. Some say that “drawing is the foundation of all art”, and we’ll consider that statement in the context of this process, and as we look at artists such a Alexander Calder and Eva Rothschild.

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Spring Teacher Workshops

When: Saturday, April 18, 2020
Who: K-12 Instructors, any subject!

Registration open through April 6.