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Spring Workshops: Art Works

Discover the wide range of applications for art as a career. Workshops will focus on applied arts and commercial fields. Educators will gain insight into these popular processes and methods, and will be able to translate the information back into their classroom.

Upcoming Workshops:

Introduction to Game Design
Instructor: Harrison Walsh
Learn to integrate game design in your classroom with this fun, hands-on crash course in game design using the powerful "AAA" game engine Unreal Engine 4. You will learn the basics on how a 2D game level is constructed while building a basic "Mario Brothers" style side scroller. You will be provided with pre-made assets and will learn how to create interactions using "blueprints", and Unreal's visual scripting interface that allows artists and designers to more easily learn how to code interactions. No prior programming knowledge will be needed for this course, all skill levels are welcome!

Contemporary Commercial Photography
Instructor: Keith Berr
This workshop will introduce teachers to the life of a contemporary advertising, commercial, and fine art photographer. Taking place at Keith Berr’s midtown Cleveland home and photo studio, teachers will get a glimpse of his life as a full-time photographer. The workshop will include an overview of modern day digital cameras, utilizing the fundamentals of manual operation and taking control of your aperture, shutter speed and ISO to influence your photographic vision. The afternoon will challenge each teacher to get creative and help develop an eye for what makes a great photo. When you switch on a camera you should never just mindlessly take a photo. Our theme of the day will be “If you can see light you can shoot anything.” To view examples of Keith's work, visit his website:

Figure Drawing: Underneath It All
Instructor: Beth Halasz
As a medical illustrator, drawing the figure isn’t enough. Understanding what makes up the structure, the substance, of the form solidifies a good illustration. A strong start to any artist’s career is to be able to understand the figure. What are the subtle nuances that make a figure believable? How does our underlying structure support a believable figure? What are the prominent anatomical markers in the human form? Where are the common mistakes, the assumptions that we draw without really looking at the figure? This workshop will address these questions with a figure drawing studio session, and include an in-depth discussion of medical illustration as a career, how to integrate medical illustration into your classroom practices, and how it relates to other scientific and biological topics.

Students to Artists: Teaching Professional Practices in the Classroom
Instructor: Mary Urbas
Your students are serious about art: how do you guide them? What do you tell skeptical parents? What does it really take to go from talented student to working artist? This discussion-based workshop is aimed at teachers who want to help students understand that art can be a career, and will go over how to encourage the developing artist to present and promote their work, get involved in the art community, and understand what it means to be a working artist today. Teachers will leave the workshop with handouts and lesson plans to integrate career planning into their own curriculum.

Note-worthy Portfolios: Personal + Universal
Instructor: JenMarie Zeleznak
Establishing a visual vocabulary to develop a body of work is most successful when connected to larger universal themes that others can identify with. You will discover the visual vocabulary of a variety of contemporary artists while reflecting on personal experiences that will lead you into studio time to explore your visual language through drawing and/or painting. At the end of the day, we will view the group’s creations to discuss how each work can be understood and related to universally through both verbal and written exercises. This workshop will introduce you to some fresh new artists that you can take back to your own classroom, inform your ability to help shape your students’ college portfolios, and help center the conceptual side of your own personal practice. To view examples of JenMarie's work, visit her website:

Fall Teacher Workshops

When: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Who: K-12 Instructors, any subject!

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