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Teacher Workshops

Coming Winter 2023!

Reconnect with your artistic side and develop new techniques and perspectives that you can take back to the classroom.

Workshops will be held in-person at CIA's University Circle campus from 9am to 4pm.

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Workshops cost $100; supplies included!

Earn CEUs or one graduate workshop credit. One graduate workshop credit is available per workshop for an additional $140 through Ursuline College. An additional assignment is required.

Spring 2023 Workshops 

3D Printing for Educators

Make the most out of your school’s new 3D printers! Learn the basics behind 3D printing in this fun and informative one-day workshop! Learn how to run and  troubleshoot common issues with your printer, how to slice a file for printing, and even how to create your own designs for printing using software designed for grades 3 and up!

Instructor: Brian Driscoll received an MFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work combines traditional drawing, installation and 3D printing processes. Driscoll is represented by multiple galleries.


Curriculum and Fine Art: Delivering Quality Art to Kids While Checking the Boxes for School

Explore surface embellishment techniques using underglazes, glazes and wax-resist
to create rich and interesting textures. Demonstrations focus on slip trailing, sgraffito, burnishing, stamping, carving, mono printing, mishima, faceting and more. Explore the classroom application of these processes by using basic template patterns to create tiles, small bowls, and cups. Discuss easily adapted K-12 project ideas for the classroom. (Finished work will be bisque fired and ready for pick up at a later date).

Instructor: Mark Krieger received his master’s degree from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Krieger has taught extensively across the United States, and maintains a studio practice in Cleveland’s 78th Street Studios.


Figure Drawing: Underneath It All

As an artist, just drawing the figure isn’t enough. Understanding what makes up the structure & substance of the form solidifies a good illustration. How does our underlying structure support a believable figure? Where are the common mistakes & assumptions we draw without really looking at the figure? We’ll address these questions with a figure drawing studio session.

Instructor: Beth Halasz is a medical illustrator and assistant professor in the Life Sciences Illustration program at CIA. Halasz is a Certified Medical Illustrator, and was a staff medical illustrator at the Cleveland Clinic.


Narrative Visual Storytelling

Narrative visual storytelling (AKA comics or cartoons) can be a powerful tool for students to express complex emotions and ideas through dynamic characters, vast new worlds, and original stories. Additionally, this powerful communication tool uniquely shows a passage of time through a series of panels and combines imagery with text, making it an ideal storytelling medium. Plus, it’s something kids love already! 

Instructor: Whitney Porter earned her PhD in English from Kent State University. She teaches in the Liberal Arts department at CIA, interested in visual narratives and specializes in the cultural study of monsters and horror.


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