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Digital Art + Photography

State-of-the-art facilities and access to professional equipment will allow you to explore projects in both static and time-based imagery.

CIA’s computer labs provide access to Mac computers, Adobe Creative Suite software, wireless Internet, printing, and scanning capabilities for residents working in video, digital art, digital prints, and digital photography. 

Residents will have access to CIA’s Equipment Checkout, the on-campus technology resource to borrow from thousands of items, including cameras, laptops, lighting equipment, and more. 

Our Photography studios includes access to enlargers, darkroom equipment, and professional studio and lighting gear.

CIA’s Digital Output Center allows for the production and display of digital work of all types, as well as archival prints produced at up to 2400 dpi on a wide variety of papers, films, canvas, and fabrics. Scanning, mounting, and laminating are also available.

Encaustic artist found time to go deeper with work in CIA's teacher residency

Feature Story

Encaustic artist found time to go deeper with work in CIA's teacher residency

For 10 days last summer, Linda Mayer focused only on making... more

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“The CIA teacher residency planted seeds for me that have been flourishing ever since. It jolted me out of the box in my head and got me thinking of myself as an artist. The 10 days in the studio were tiring and invigorating. I felt that being surrounded by other professionals really helped my work develop.

I also needed the dedicated time in the studio to be alone with myself and hear my own thoughts about the work that I was creating.

Representatives who came from the art world to talk with us about our work were incredibly generous with their time and energy, and I grew a great deal from the experience. It gave me a renewed sense of confidence and agency as an artist, and encouraged me to explore that aspect of my career more.”

—Kris Walter, Shaker Heights High School

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