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2D Processes

CIA’s light-filled studios in drawing and painting offer an unparallelled opportunity to focus on your work with the resources you need and a cultural neighborhood to inspire. 

You'll work alongside other educators to develop a small body of work and reinvigorate your teaching practice under close faculty guidance. The residency is mentored by internationally renowned artist George Kozmon, best known for his monumental paintings which have been widely exhibited and critically acclaimed.

Each 10-by-10-foot studio contains an easel, storage and table. Studio spaces can be customized with materials and furniture to fit your needs. 

In addition to our dramatic, light-filled painting and drawing studios, scheduled access hours to our printmaking studios allow for creating work through intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, and monoprinting techniques.



“It really motivated me to shut-off
my phone, my social media, and shift my focus to painting again, which is truly one of the activities I've loved the most. My time at CIA has renewed my entire practice.”

—Elizabeth Davenport
Notre Dame School of Manhattan