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Creative Writing

Support your visual storytelling with the written word

Are you an artist or a designer who likes to write stories, poems, graphic novels, screenplays, or other forms of creative writing?

Are you planning for a career in Illustration, Fine Art, Animation, Design, or Game Design?

CIA offers a concentration in creative writing to help you grow as a creative writer while you become a stronger visual communicator and storyteller!

Image of student writing

Who can join the concentration? Sophomores, during your spring semester. If you know you’d like to apply for the concentration, we recommend taking one creative writing course during your sophomore year.

What will I write? You decide! The creative writing classes you take will help you explore many forms. Expect to try new styles and to develop narrative skills and confidence in your voice!

Will it fit my schedule? You’ll need 12 credits to earn the Creative Writing Concentration. This means three classes in Writing and one Independent Study during your senior year.

Select three courses (nine credits) from the following:

  • LLC 419 Graphic Narratives
  • LLC 318 Screenwriting
  • LLC 373 Art of the Personal Essay
  • LLC 392 Fiction Writing
  • LLC 211 Poetry
  • LLC 215: Creative Writing: [Topic Titles Vary]
  • LLC 359: Contemporary African + African American Literatue

Your final independent study (3 credits) will take place during your senior year through the course Body of Work: LLC 415. Not open as an elective. Three credits either fall or spring semesters-or 1.5 credits each semester. Total Concentration Credits: 12 (four classes). We recommended that you meet with your adviser to double check your schedule!

Contact Sarah Minor at with any questions.

For more information:

Sarah Minor
Assistant Professor | Chair of Liberal Arts
216.421.7000 | Contact