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Drop/Add Procedure

Schedule Changes/Add-Drop/Course Withdrawals

Students may drop and add courses, or change their schedules in any way, during the Add-Drop Period (always the first week of classes) via myCIA or by contacting or Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Any additional tuition incurred will be added to the student’s tuition balance. 

Full-time students who drop to part-time status during the Add-Drop Period will receive a revised tuition bill reflecting the change in cost. Students should keep in mind that a drop to part-time status during the Add-Drop Period may affect financial aid.

After the Add-Drop Period, no tuition adjustments will be made for full-time students reducing their course load to part-time status unless the course reduction results in a complete institutional withdrawal

Course Withdrawal After Add-Drop Period

Following the Add-Drop Period, a student may withdraw from a course through the tenth week of the semester. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates Students must submit the Course Withdrawal form on myCIA by the deadline for the request to be processed. All course withdrawals are processed through the Registrar’s Office. A non-punitive grade of “W” will be issued for withdrawn courses. New courses may not be added during the course withdrawal period. 

Registrar’s Office

Room 120