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Craft Biennial

The Cleveland Institute of Art, a leader in Craft education, hosts a yearlong celebration of the importance of craft practice in the 21st century.

The very nature of craft has transformed in the last decade. Technological innovation, increased access to resources (and video tutorials!) via the Internet, and the “maker movement” have introduced new ways of making and increased access to those who want to create—both exciting opportunities. In this new creative environment, what is the role of professional education in the craft disciplines? How do “traditional” craft disciplines evolve to integrate with these new opportunities? One’s professional practice is differentiated not only by craftsmanship, but by the integrity and quality of the ideas behind them.

Cleveland Institute of Art’s ThinkCraft biennial will explore the role craft plays in contemporary culture, from collecting and curating, to ideation and professional practice.

ThinkCraft programming will include a three-day symposium in the fall of 2018; two exhibitions celebrating the legacy of craft alumni from Cleveland Institute of Art, a high school teacher residency in craft for the summer of 2019, and a robust calendar of visiting artists and designers throughout the 2018–19 school year.