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Ceramics Courses

Ceramics: Mold Making + Multiples

Course No. CER 248-348-448  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Seth Nagelberg

This class will be engaged with the concepts of multiples in the making of functional, sculptural and design works. Mold making, slip casting, press molds and other production techniques will be utilized. Emphasis is on design and exploration of form through modeling by hand and machine. 3D modeling and digital fabrication may be explored. There will be lectures that address technical issues and artworks made of clay, both historical and contemporary. Required one time for all ceramics majors. Can be repeated. Open to all.

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Alberto Veronica Lopez 01-redmoldofamoldcup.jpg03-handledetail.jpg

Alberto Veronica Lopez

Technical Specialist | Adjunct Faculty

Alberto Veronica Lopez received his MFA at Syracuse University and his BFA at Kansas City Art Institute. His a...more

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