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Animation Facilities

A class in the Animation studios

Cutting-Edge Animation

Having the latest technology is essential as an Animation student. At the Cleveland Institute of Art, you will work in state-of-the-art computer labs. You also will have access to the newest equipment for digital video, lighting, and sound as well as a motion capture system, a green-screen Chroma Key studio, two lighting and shooting areas, and a sound recording studio.

CIA also houses the fabrication studios, a shared space, staffed and supervised by highly qualified technical specialists. Students from all courses of study are encouraged to use this space and do hands-on research with tools and materials. This communal environment gives students optimal means of making for their individual exploration and group projects.


Meet the animator behind the 2018 CIA holiday greeting

Feature Story

Meet the animator behind the 2018 CIA holiday greeting

Charlie Rose is the junior Animation major behind the 2018 CIA... more

Cores + Connections

Our connections are your connections.

While at CIA, you'll learn from the masters through our rigorous, world-class curriculum and connect with working professionals to begin your career.