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Narrative Production III

Course No. ANIM 412  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Sheila Heyman

Students learn how to fully develop a
narrative based concept for production. In
this class, students will: 1. develop their
ideas, 2. write a script based on those
ideas, 3 credits. deconstruct their script in
order to fully understand their proposed
piece, 4. rewrite their script, 5. produce,
review and edit storyboards, and finally, 6.
produce, review and edit an animatic based
on their storyboards. This is a project based
learning experience designed to help
students develop narrative based work, and
will be especially helpful for seniors doing
BFA project development. Offered fall.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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Sheila Heyman

Adjunct Faculty

Sheila has a B.A. in Speech Communications and Theatre from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in Theatre ...more

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