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Animation Courses

Narrative Production II

Course No. ANIM 313A  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Narrative Production I

This course will focus on the production and
post production phases of the animated film
that was begun the previous semester in
Narrative Production I. This includes 2D or
3DAnimation, Lighting/Texturing, Editing,
Compositing, Special FX Animation and
Sound Production. Tools students will need
include: working knowledge of Maya,
working knowledge of Adobe Animate,
TVPaint or Toon Boom Harmony; working
knowledge of film and cinematic language; working knowledge of Adobe After Effects. Required for all junior Animation majors. Prerequisite: ANIM 313 credits. Books and supplies to be determined by instructor.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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Margaret Li

Adjunct Faculty

Margaret W. Li, a visual artist who specializes in illustration. I devoted my time to creating art with any ar...more

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