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Intro to 3D Animation: Character

Course No. ANIM 307A  Credits: 3.0

This is an introductory course in 3D
animation as an art form, with an intensive
focus on of the use and development
characters in animation. Successful
animation breathes life into motion with
clear communication of thought, emotion,
narrative or experience. Any moving object
is a “character” in film or animation. We will
hold regular discussions and workshops on
how the dialogue of an otherwise stagnant
object changes and evolves when put to
motion. Methods of instruction will consist
of lectures, demonstrations, artist research,
studio assignments, in-class lab time, and
group critiques.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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Zachary Owens

Adjunct Faculty

Zachary Owens is a CIA alum and received his Animation BFA in 2018. Zach is versatile with a background in Ill...more

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