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Digital I

Course No. FNDN 120  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Elena Masrour | Gerald Shamray | Jimmy Kuehnle | Matthew Brownstein | Meagan Smith | Pam Spremulli | Scott Goss | Steven Gutierrez

Digital 1 is a course that introduces foundational digital tools and concepts in art and design. Use of the computer, digital cameras, wacom pens, printers, scanners, and similar digitals tools will be covered. Topics include color in additive synthesis (light), color theory, perception, illustration, integration of digital work with non-digital work, file management locally and in the cloud, online communication, and digital presentations.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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Anthony Scalmato

Associate Professor | Chair

Anthony Scalmato has created more than 100 published works which have been viewed on television, web and mobil...more

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