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Animation Courses

Concept Development I

Course No. ANIM 201  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Anthony Scalmato | Bill Appledorn | Lincoln Adams | Matthew Sweeney | Timothy Switalski

A core requirement to learn digital painting
in motion, scene design, character
development, technical direction, and
related animation production pipeline
standards for developing animated stories,
shorts, films, and animated cinematography.
This course examines the media production
requirements for animation students in
applied professional studios. This course
serves to develop the animator’s core
mechanics and vocabulary in the broad
areas of animation integrated workflow
(story conception, storyboarding, animatics,
motion studies, character flow and design,
scene, set, and props (look artists),
technical direction, and summary of
post-production flow) to meet industry
expectations and professional output.
Offered spring.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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Anthony Scalmato 300103982.jpgartwork3.jpg

Anthony Scalmato

Associate Professor | Chair

Anthony Scalmato has created more than 100 published works which have been viewed on television, web and mobil...more

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