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Animation Courses

BFA Research + Preparation

Course No. ANIM 401  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Anthony Scalmato

This course is structured to support the individual in shaping her/his own project and the production of all elements of the BFA Thesis, strong conceptual skills developed through a professional planning and a good researched idea are core to this process. Offered fall.

BFA Research + Preparation

Course No. GAME 401  Credits: 3.0

This course is designed to act as a summative experience for the student. The final BFA thesis project will be defined by the student with a level of professional collaboration. The requirements for the BFA thesis will be to solve and effectively visually communicate a comprehensive game design prototype. Integration of outside resources, research effective collaborator/expert communication, professional practices, presentation (oral and written) and documentation of the process of the specific year-long project will be expected to determine successful BFA candidacy. The choice of media and concept will be evaluated on its appropriateness for communicating the message and solving the Thesis problem appropriate to game design and development. The project visualization will be student driven; content needs will be determined by the student and the research into content and industry expectations for successful game design. The emphasis in this course will be on the conceptual development of the content accuracy/relevance and its realization through the design process. The process will fully address research, integration of content, game theory application, target audience, aesthetic and artistic merits, time tracking and scheduling, and ultimately a successful execution of completed prototype. The final work will have the following: A two sentence (maximum) thesis statement, a design document process book, research paper, business oriented estimates and budget planning for exhibition and materials, digital presentation to explain the work, artist statement/project scope statement, and the final project depicting the solution for the BFA Exhibition as a prototype game design. Offered fall.

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Hal Lewis

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Hal Lewis studied painting and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York and finished his BFA in p...more

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