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Animation Courses

Acting + Directing

Course No. ANIM 231  Credits: 3.0

Drawing for Animation is an essential
course for anyone who is interested in visual
storytelling. This course will teach students
how to draw ideas, actions, and gestures
that effectively communicate a story.
Students will draw from live models in
costumes, animals in motion, and create
characters that capture storytelling poses.
An emphasis will be placed on exaggeration, silhouetting, line of action, balance, and gesture: all of which are needed to communicate a character’s attitude and story. This course is highly recommended for animators and illustrators. Offered fall.

Acting + Directing

Course No. PHV 231  Credits: 3.0

Acting + Directing is an intense production course designed for aspiring art directors, screenwriters, and actors who wish to pursue a career in film and/or animation. The course requires both performance and cinematic practice. Directors will create and produce short scenes taking on the full responsibility of creating clear communication using the audio/visual language of cinema and focusing on the developing and execution of performance on screen. Beyond just holding the responsibility of successful execution of a project, directors will also switch roles with the actor, working from the other side of the lens to better understand the acting process and what kind of specific direction an actor needs to perform according to another director’s vision. Recommended for Video + Digital Cinema students. Cross-listed with Animation. Open elective.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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