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Weather and Emergency Alerts

Thursday, February 3

CIA is closed Thursday, February 3, 2022. All classes are canceled for the day, business offices will be closed and Cinematheque screenings will be postponed. There will be no access to studios. Due to potential power outages, there will be no remote classes for students and faculty or remote business operations for staff.

Friday, February 4

All academic course delivery will take place remotely—unless otherwise contacted by faculty about rescheduling class during a contingency day. The academic building will be closed throughout the day. There will be no access to studios or classrooms.

All business operations will also take place remotely, including the virtual presentation of Lunch on Fridays from 12:15 to 1:30pm. There will be no access to offices throughout Friday.

The Cinematheque will open at 6pm in advance of its 7pm screening. This short-term opening is solely for Cinematheque access; studios, classrooms and offices will remain closed.

Saturday, February 5

CIA will reopen in full at 7am to the CIA community and at noon to the general public, following the College's normal weekend schedule. Students, faculty and staff will have regular access to studios and workspaces.


CIA’s emergency notification system, e2Campus, enables the College to send urgent news to your cell phone, email, and voicemail. It will not be used for general CIA announcements.

Depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages, but there is no charge from the Institute to use this service.

All members of the CIA community (students, faculty, and staff) have been pre-registered for CIAlerts based on information currently on file with the Institute. This includes name, CIA email address, and cell and home phone (if provided).

Access your CIAlerts Account at to review, verify, and update your personal information. Family members who you wish to receive alerts should be added as additional email addresses and/or phone numbers within your account. You may have a maximum of two SMS (text) numbers, five email addresses, and two voice numbers listed.

It is strongly recommended that you have at least one non-CIA method of being contacted, such as a cell phone number or a non-CIA email address. This will help ensure that you receive a notification in the event of a local or regional service outage when your CIA phone and email may be off line.

CIA website and social media accounts

In emergency situations, the Cleveland Institute of Art will post emergency and important alert messages on the College's website, in a banner at the top of the homepage and interior pages, and also on the mobile website.

These notifications will also be posted on the CIA's official Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@cleinstituteart).

Radio and television broadcasts

To broadcast automatic messages during an emergency, CIA communicates with several local radio and television stations which operate automatic, web- or phone-based systems. These automatic systems have a crawling message across the bottom of the screen and we are mostly likely to use them to announce a college closure, most often due to inclement weather. Television stations that carry closure information include WKYC Channel 3, WOIO Action 19, Fox 8 Channel 8, and WEWS News Channel 5.

However, the most reliable sources of information will be messages directly from CIA that you receive via email, or sent directly to your cell  phone, or that you see broadcast on

CIAlerts Account

Please be sure you have updated your contact information on CIAlert, which is CIA’s emergency notification system.

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