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Office of the President

Take time for care and gratitude

November 2018

We’ve almost reached the end of the fall semester here at CIA, and for all of us—students, faculty, and staff—the work has been rewarding and challenging. In our efforts to grow, we all have been stretching just a bit beyond what feels comfortable. So now: a pause from the stretch.

The Thanksgiving break affords us a little time to unplug and reconnect. I encourage you to embrace that opportunity, both for the joy it brings in the moment and because doing so is essential for the care and preservation of your creative mind and spirit and of your physical instrument.

As we care for ourselves, we also may look for simple ways to serve others—through the communities in which we live and work—and, of course, to attend to gratitude.

I feel extraordinarily grateful to be able to celebrate this holiday with some of the people who are most important to me, as well as to be part of our vibrant community of artists and designers. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Grafton Nunes

President + CEO

Cleveland institute of Art president Grafton Nunes

CIA Mission

To nurture the intellectual, artistic, and professional development of students and community members through rigorous visual arts and design education.

CIA Vision

To advance culture, community, and global quality of life.