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Office of the President

New year, new challenge

August 18, 2020

Today we start our 2020-2021 academic year, and we begin a great adventure fueled by one underlying question: Can we do this?
Yes, I think we can.
A task force of faculty and staff have been planning for this day since early March. We have researched every conceivable approach to curriculum delivery, protective equipment, physical distancing renovation, as well as health and safety.
Our singular goal has been and continues to be the education of our students by faculty and staff in an environment as safe as humanly possible for all involved.
As a small private college of art and design, we are blessed with a nimble management structure, so we can be responsive to new information and ideas. We have a manageable population in one large academic building, which enables communication and physical distancing.
In Spring Semester, we learned which courses can be offered productively online and which of them require access to facilities, materials and mentorship.
Most of our studio spaces already supported safe physical separation. In other areas, we have made modifications.
And we are a caring community that understands that we must keep ourselves and our fellows safe if we are to continue to deliver this education we all hold so dear.
This is not merely the obligation of the faculty and staff to deliver the curriculum; it is the mission of all of us to actively make this work. If we work together, we can demonstrate to all in higher education—and most importantly to ourselves—that this can be done. We can experience a learning adventure that will be emotionally and professionally rewarding to all involved. 
Let’s do this.

Grafton Nunes
President + CEO

Cleveland institute of Art president Grafton Nunes


To cultivate creative leaders who inspire people, strengthen communities, and contribute to a thriving and sustainable economy through an innovative education in art and design.


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