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12. Other Important Information

12.1 Leaving CIA Employment

Employees resigning from the College are expected to provide a minimum of two weeks advance notice. Written notice should be directed to the employee’s supervisor with a copy to the Human Resources Office.

The employee’s final pay, including any vacation pay due, will be issued on the first regularly scheduled pay date following the proper submission of required timesheets or time-off reports.

Coverage for medical, dental, vision, retirement, or other benefit plans does not continue beyond the last day of the month employment ends unless otherwise provided (i.e. COBRA). Regardless of termination date, the employee is expected to pay their full portion of the employee monthly benefit premiums for the entire month in which they leave the College.

Departing employees will be required to return all College property, including ID badges, keys, parking passes, tools, equipment, uniforms, cash advances, library materials etc. prior to their departure.

An exit interview may be scheduled with the departing employee by the VP of Human Resources + Inclusion to obtain feedback on their job and employment experience at the Cleveland Institute of Art. At this meeting, all CIA-owned property issued to the employee must be returned.

12.2 Emergency Closings

CIA will always make every attempt to be open for business. In situations in which some employees are concerned about their safety, management may advise supervisors to notify their departments that the office is not officially closed, but anyone may choose to leave the office if they feel uncomfortable.

If the office is officially closed during the course of the day to permit employees to leave early, nonexempt employees who are working on-site as of the time of the closing will be paid for a full day.

If an employee leaves earlier than the official closing time, they will be paid only for actual hours worked, or can utilize any vacation or personal time that they may have available. Exempt employees will be paid for a normal full day but are expected to complete their work at another time.

12.3 Photo and Video Release Policy

Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) uses photographs, photographic images, names, and audio and video recordings of employees for general publicity in publications, on its website, on social media, in public relations, promotions, publicity, and advertising, etc.

As a practical matter, CIA is not able to collect release forms from all photo subjects for the use of images or films taken on campus or at off campus, CIA-sponsored events.

By agreeing to be subject to the faculty, or employee handbook, you (or, for students under 18, your parent or guardian) consented to the capture and/or use of your image and/or voice by the college and waived any claims or rights, whether in law or in equity unless you opt out (as described below).

Faculty or staff who do not want to be photographed or recorded, or to have their names, voices, or biographical materials used in connection with any such recording, may opt-out by notifying Human Resources in writing.

While the college will take reasonable measures to honor such written requests, faculty, or staff who do not want to be photographed or recorded are responsible for removing themselves from the area in which photographing/recording is occurring, or notifying the camera operator of their opt-out status so that their images can be identified and excluded as appropriate.

Failure to do so may result in the individual’s inclusion in a photograph or recording; it will be deemed equivalent to a release, and will allow Cleveland Institute of Art to use that photograph or recording as it chooses.