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Thomas Lyon Mills: The Catacombs

June 07
August 18 2017

Where Rafius Fane Gallery
460C Harrison Avenue, Suite #C24
Boston, MA
Artists Thomas Lyon Mills '78

Thomas Lyon Mills: The Catacombs

L'Antefissa, 2016, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, coins on pieced paper

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For decades Thomas Lyon Mills has documented and drawn his dreams, in which the seen and unseen co-exist: trees and mosses dissolve into underground tunnels and streams, apparitions reside among strange and marvelous creatures. These dreams are prophetic—harbingers of where to work. To enter this boundary world of memory, time and dreams, Mills begins all his paintings and drawings alone at closed ancient sites including the Roman and Neapolitan catacombs, Mayan ruins, the top of the Parthenon, and abandoned Byzantine caves in Turkey. Back in his Rhode Island studio he works, often for years, cross-pollinating locations and dreams. With three-dimensional models he introduces new ideas: animal bones and old tools substitute for on-site trees and stumps; stacks of abandoned mud wasp houses peppered with oblong tunnels become archaeological labyrinths in miniature. To express his beliefs, Mills quotes the Russian mystic Pavel Florensky “that the invisible world (still unearthly, still invisible) is breathing: and that both this and another world are dissolving into each other.”


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Rafius Fane Gallery
460C Harrison Avenue, Suite #C24
Boston, MA 02118

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