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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Modern Art: History and Drawing

Course No. CEDR 225 00
Cost $300 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 6 - August 1 (Wednesdays) – 6pm - 9pm

In this class students will learn the basic concepts and history behind key 20th century art movements such as cubism, expressionism, surrealism, etc. We’ll then create experimental drawings using the concepts, processes and themes of each art movement we study. It will be a great way to enhance your drawing skills, learn the basics of modern art history, and get a deeper understanding and appreciation of modern art.

Portfolio Preparation: Drawing from Life

Course No. YADR 700 00
Cost $365 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 10-12
Location Cleveland Institute of Art
Instructor Eddie Mitchell
Dates June 4 - June 15 (Monday-Friday) – 9:30am12:30pm
Location: Cleveland Institute of Art

This course will help you to put together a stronger portfolio needed in applying to art colleges, and show you what an art college is actually looking for in your portfolio. It also provides the fabulous benefits of improving your drawing skills as you experiment with different drawing materials. Besides enjoying the classroom explorations and drawings assigned outside the classroom, you will get to engage in the occasional critique in a fun and informative way. The goal of this course is to help you reach a higher level of skill in the creation of your own artwork. Parent permission is required for life drawing because of nude models.

About the instructor:

Eddie Mitchell received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in painting and drawing in 1987 with a top traveling scholarship award. Eddie has taught art classes at Lakeland Community College for the past 22 years. At CIA, he has facilitated the evening life drawing classes, taught the Pre-College summer program, and the Portfolio Preparation class since 2009. He has maintained a full-time studio for the past 28 years. His work is represented in several galleries across the country. Eddie has been in over 150 art shows, created numerous commissioned pieces for public locations, and has sold over 1,000 paintings.

Sewing for Beginners

Course No. CEFM 100 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 7 - July 26 (Thursdays) – 6pm - 9pm

In this course, you will learn the basics of hand sewing and machine sewing. Students will practice basic techniques by first making alterations to old clothes, turning something worn into something new by adding or subtracting elements. We will review pattern making by creating a unique stuffed animal or plush, then by creating a new piece of clothing from a pattern. We'll also explore different techniques used to dye fabric to create interesting effects. At the end of the class, you will take the knowledge that you have gained and come up with one final project that combines all of the techniques and processes you've learned. No prior sewing knowledge necessary, come with sketches and ideas. This adult course is also open to students in grades 10-12.

Steel Fabrication: MIG Welding

Course No. CESC 150 00
Cost $400 Register Now
Sessions 8
Instructor Zak Smoker
Dates June 7-July 26 (Thursdays) – 6-9pm

This course will function as an introductory level overview of basic MIG welding and steel fabrication techniques. The first three weeks of the class will focus on fundamental projects where students will become familiar with the processes and tools for working with steel. In the final five weeks, students will work on an individual project that they propose based on the principals and techniques covered. Functional and purely sculptural works are all encouraged, come ready to work.

Stop Motion Animation

Course No. YADA 175 00
Cost $365 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 8-12
Instructor Adri Nerone
Dates June 4 - June 15 (Monday-Friday) – 9:30am - 12:30pm

Grades 8-12. Students will learn the basics of creating their own short stop motion animation, including film language, shot types, storyboarding, shooting an animation, and editing. To get inspired we’ll watch a variety of different types of stop motion animations in class. Each student will then construct a set and characters out of mixed media, clay and armatures. Students will work in our computer lab with Adobe Premier to add sound and other special effects to their piece. At the end of class each student will have a finished animation saved on a flash drive to take home. Students must bring their own digital camera and tripod to class. No previous knowledge of Adobe Premier necessary. Software and computers provided by CIA.

Studio Painting in Acrylic

Course No. CEPT 425 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 4 - July 23 (Monday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

This studio painting course will help guide you toward developing individual ideas within your work while broadening your painting vocabulary and skills. Through discussion and demonstration you’ll learn concepts and techniques to use as you create your work. We’ll focus on developing the ability to work at an independent advanced level. Open to intermediate to advanced students.

Watercolor Landscapes

Course No. CEPT 375 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Location Cleveland Institute of Art
Instructor Terry Clark
Dates June 4 - July 23 (Mondays) – 6-9pm
Location: Cleveland Institute of Art

Watercolor landscapes will introduce the foundations of working with watercolor paints in the studio environment. Watercolor painting makes use of transparent washes and in doing so allows for a bright image. A painting made with watercolor paints uses the white paper as a mirror to reflect and capture a luminous quality. Topics discussed and demonstrated in class are color theory, paint application, painting techniques, and paint manipulation. Each example will incorporate a new color theory lesson and a painting technique. You will be shown how to paint elements found in the landscape such as skies, rural and cosmopolitan environments, trees, and water. Many small quick paintings and fast dry time permits for a wide range of tricks and topics to explore. Almost all paintings are guided with a step by step process from beginning to end. Both group and individual attention will aid in your painting’s focus and direction. The beginner and novice painter will be encouraged.

About the instructor:

Terry J. Clark II earned his MFA in Painting from Kent State University in 2004 and his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2002. Terry’s artwork has been featured at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ingenuity Festival, CSU Art Gallery, and is included in the MetroHealth art collection. Terry has taught studio art classes at both Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Institute of Art since 2008. Terry paints with both acrylic and watercolor paints. He also makes sculpture from found objects. His subject matter inspiration comes from earth science and the natural environment. The concepts of natural light, optics, and color are reoccurring themes found in his artwork.

Wheel Throwing: Beginning + Advanced

Course No. CECR 200 00
Cost $345 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 4 - July 23 (Mondays) – 6pm - 9pm

Learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel! Students can choose from rustic stoneware clay or smooth white porcelain. Beginners will learn to make basic forms like cylinders, bowls, and mugs on the wheel. Using colored slips and glaze, inlay, texture, and carving you will learn various ways to finish your creations. Students with throwing experience will get one-on-one instruction and help in developing their own personal projects. Feel free to bring sketches, drawings, or any inspiration for your projects. You will need basic pottery tools, an apron, a towel, and plastic to cover your pots (dry cleaning bags are best). Clay and tools are available in class for purchase.

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