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Continuing Education
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Story: Nov 24, 2014

Artist-in-residence Chi-Yu Liao appreciates CIA reception

View details Fall 2014 Exhibitions

CIA Exhibition: Nov 07, 2014

Fall 2014 Exhibitions

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Story: Nov 15, 2014

Students capture two of the top prizes in museum's surreal d...

View details The Art of Designing Everything

Events: Dec 01, 2014

The Art of Designing Everything

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Social: a day ago via Facebook

Complete your application by Dec. 1 to ensure consideration for all scholarships and grants offered by CIA. For more information, visit:

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Story: Nov 04, 2014

New CIA building taking shape; set for December completion

View details Student Holiday Craft Sale

Events: Dec 05, 2014

Student Holiday Craft Sale

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Story: Aug 18, 2014

CIA again named to "Best in the Midwest" list

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

100 +Drawings

Course No. CEDR300.00
Cost $290 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 18-November 6 (Tuesday) – 6:30-9:00pm

Explore the possibilities of a visual odyssey. View everyday objects with no small measure of astonishment as you discover, examine, and depict them as if for the first time. Create 100 plus drawings from nature, observation, imagination, and inspiration. Define the drawing process for yourself combining images with words, letters, objects, and borders in both black and white and color mediums. The goals and subject matter will be uniquely personal to each artist. We will incorporate sharing and critiques as a means of inspiration. This course is designed for both beginning and intermediate students.

Acrylic Painting: Methods into Practice

Course No. CEPT300.00
Cost $340 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 20-November 8 (Thursday) – 6:30-9:30pm

Learn how to achieve a variety of painted surface effects using acrylic paint and gel mediums. Each class will cover a different painting technique and will include a materials demonstration to show you how each technique is accomplished. Class projects are designed to put your knowledge into practice, enabling you to create artwork using each new technique as you learn it. Subjects will include washing, layering, texturing, stenciling, collaging, transfer techniques, and more! Some supplies needed for this class will be provided by CIA.

Acrylic Portrait Painting

Course No. CEPT100.00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 17-November 5 (Monday) – 6:30-9:30pm

Mirror, mirror on the wall-who is the fairest of them all? Join us and look at your reflection in a whole new light! We will use acrylic paint to study the art of portraiture. We will sketch from models, study facial anatomy, and focus on expressive forms of interpretation. Beginners welcome!

Advanced Portrait Painting: Oil + Pastel

Course No. CEPT700.00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 22-November 17 (Saturday) – 6:30-9:30pm
Faculty Gary D. Sampson

The special beauty of being at this level in your artistic development is that you've made "friends" with your mediums some time ago, or, maybe not so long ago, and are now on the threshold of moving forward quickly, if you so choose, or more slowly, into your own comfort zone. Areas that we will cover include the importance of brushwork, new understandings about color, and how to design your backgrounds effectively. You will see your painting grow into a powerful expression - bringing out your best work will be the goal! We will examine a series of disciplines from still lifes to portraiture as well as live models. Bring a portfolio of your best work to the first class (approximately six pieces, photos are fine).

Art + Effect

Course No. CEFD200.00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 18-November 6 (Tuesday) – 6:30-9:30pm

This deeply personal course covers knowledge and information that allow students to begin developing images that embody their individual point of view and narratives based on their life experiences. You will explore psychological, emotional, spiritual, and/or social narratives that are significant to you. Knowledge gained by exploring subjects that are deeply close to your heart and mind, along with exposure to other related artists, will open you to realizations about your own point of view on the world and how to communicate that with the audience through painting and drawing. Various techniques, styles, and mediums will be addressed.


Course No. CEFD300.00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 19-November 7 (Wednesday) – 6:30-9:30pm

As humans we have a need and desire to connect with others. The animal as a subject in art is a way in which humans attempt to articulate and reflect on the world. Representations of animals serve as a direct way of linking humans with wildlife through the bond of feeling and empathy. This connection is significant in considering aspects of both the animal and the human condition. You will explore the genres of animal art, with focus on originality, vision, and finding the humanity within non-human subjects. We will focus on recognizing and choosing different approaches-from documentary and portraiture to metaphors, allegories and narratives. This course will guide you to a better understanding of how to create meaningful images of our furred and feathered neighbors, while also opening up to realizations about your point of view on the world and how to communicate that with the audience through painting and drawing. We'll take a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to enhance our study and exploration.

Drawing for the Absolutely Terrified

Course No. CEDR100.00
Cost $290 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 19-November 7 (Wednesday) – 6:30-9:00pm

Simply put, this course will help you learn how to draw. It facilitates the study of drawing by direct observation and problem solving through the use of still life. The drawing situations presented in each session will focus on issues of object depiction, special relationships, shape, value, line, and texture. You will face a variety of drawing challenges throughout the course. You will be shown how to use specific techniques to better see, understand, and represent the objects in each setup. In addition, you will use your sketchbooks for practice, notes, and assignments between classes.

Drawing Lab

Course No. CEDR200.00
Cost $265 Register Now
Credits 2.0
Sessions 8
Dates September 17-November 5 (Monday) – 7-9pm

Build your drawing skills in the studio through individual and group projects to help you see more clearly and draw more confidently. Each two-hour session will be built around one or a series of drawing exercises. Working from still life arrangements, live models, and photographs, the weekly sessions will push you to try new approaches and expand your drawing vocabulary. All skill levels are welcome. Those taking this class for graduate credit will expand on their work outside class to develop a portfolio of finished drawings. This class is ideal for teachers looking to develop new ideas for use in their classrooms.

BASIC Program

BASIC Program

April 18, 2015

Our Fall BASIC courses offer a wide variety of opportunities for K-12 educators.


Pre-College Program

Experience the life of an art student at CIA through this 2-week residential program.

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Community Works

Visiting artists, exhibitions, conference and symposia exploring socially engaged art.

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Uptown Residence Hall

Check out the new student digs.

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Creating. Connecting. Building better futures.