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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Drawing Beyond the Pencil

Course No. YAFD 215
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 5-8
Room 301
Instructor Candice Dangerfield
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 9:30am-12:30pm

Sharpen your drawing skills and expand your artistic horizons using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. You will take your drawing abilities to a whole new level with projects designed to expand the application of fundamental drawing practices in new ways. We will establish the importance of keeping sketchbooks using the foundation of drawing and essential elements of visual art to practice, plan, and communicate creative ideas. What is the difference between looking and seeing? With class discussions, we will address this question as essential to the creative processes of the visual artist. Students of all skill levels are welcome to explore a variety of media and techniques to create artwork beyond the boundaries of what we commonly known as "drawing."

Drawing for the Absolutely Terrified

Course No. CEDR 100 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 21-November 9 (Monday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

Simply put, this fun course will help you learn how to draw. It facilitates the study of drawing by direct observation and problem solving through the use of still life. The drawing situations presented in each session will focus on issues of object depiction, special relationships, shape, value, line and texture. You will face a variety of drawing challenges throughout the course, and be shown how to use specific techniques to better see, understand and represent the objects in each setup. Instruction will be through demonstrations, lectures, and direct one-on-one assistance. In addition sketchbooks will be used for practice, notes and assignments between classes.

DSLR Cinematography

Course No. CEVI 400 00
Cost $390 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 21–November 9 (Monday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

This is a specialized course for students who own and use DSLRs and want to learn more about how these cameras are used for video production. We will look at how DSLRs are effective for dramatic filmmaking and how to properly use the camera settings for video purposes. We will also explore the different video codecs used by DSLRs and how to properly set up these video files in an editor. You will shoot video weekly and will produce small video productions of your own choosing. We will also look into film and video history to help inform your personal work. If you are interested in producing shorts, stop motions, and avant-garde works—this is an ideal class for you!

Face Value: Portraits

Course No. YAPT 400
Cost $310 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 9-12
Room 200
Instructor Melissa Harris
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 1–4pm

Try your hand…at the face! This fun and creative portraiture course not only focuses on the foundations of realistic representation, you will also learn to add your own expression and style through drawing and painting original portraits. Let’s find out what your imagination adds to a face you can already see! Great for all levels.

First Impressions: Introduction to Printmaking

Course No. YAPM 200
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 9-12
Room 308
Instructor Abbey Blake
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 9:30am–12:30pm

This course will offer an extensive breakdown of the history and processes of Printmaking. Each student will explore traditional and non-traditional methods of producing multiples, creating matrices and using prints as a method of communication. Printmaking processes investigated in this course will include relief, intaglio and newer methods including photographic transfer and gelatin printing. Prepare to make a lot of great work!

Independent Projects in Ceramics

Course No. CECR 700 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 23–November 11 (Wednesday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

In this course, intermediate and advanced students will have the opportunity to work on an independent ceramics project with guidance from a technical specialist. Propose a project to develop throughout this course using the CIA ceramics facilities in a structured, open-studio environment. This course is intended for the ceramics student capable of working independently in consultation with a technical assistant. All studio work must take place during class time. Please bring a proposed project and timeline the first day of class.

Introduction to Drawing

Course No. YADR 200
Cost $225 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 6-9
Room 306
Instructor Elizabeth Beganyi Naugle
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 9:30am–12:30pm

Learn the basics of drawing by knowing how to handle your pencil, creating a value chart, creating forms and fundamental strokes. This class will go over the art principles of perspective, values, light and shadow and composition. Feel confident knowing that once these basic skills are established, the sky is the limit. This class will focus on indoor composition as well as drawing nature outside the classroom.

Introduction to Printmaking: Building the Matrix

Course No. CEPM 140 00
Cost $375 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 23–November 11 (Wednesday) – 6-9pm

In printmaking, the matrix is the plate, block or other surface that carries the information to create the print. In this course, we will build our matrices by investigating three methods of printmaking. Mono print, intaglio and relief techniques will be taught so that class participants learn the basic aspects of printmaking such as layering, color mixing and overlay of imagery. This course is being offered as a process sampler, allowing students an introductory experience to printmaking, and will also support those students who would like to build upon previous printmaking experiences. Examples of prints from CIA’s archives will be exhibited during class time for observation and discussion.



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